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Intertextuality Short Answer Question Essay On "Fortress" And "After The Last Death"

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1)What was the title, author, and context of your novel?"Fortress" was first published in 1980 by "Chatto, Bodley Head, Jonathan Cape", and written by Gabrielle Lord. I think it was written for two possible reasons.Firstly, "After The First Death" was published only a year before - a very similar text about kidnapping, male versus female, mental sickness, terrorism, and father son relationships. Several of these issues are also presented in "Fortress", which is why I think the success of "After The First Death" inspired "Fortress".But since the first publishing date does not represent the date the book was written, it might have occurred that they were both written at the same time, inspired by a third entity. I found that there were two significant kidnappings in the few years before 1980. On the 16th of March, left wing terrorists who killed five bodyguards kidnapped former Italian premier Aldo Moro, he was found dead on the 9th of may. ON the 14th of February 1979, in Kabul, Muslim extremists kidnapped American ambassador to Afghanistan. Adolph Dubs was later killed during a gunfight between his kidnappers and police. I think it is a possible that these two events sparked a similar thought inside these two authors.2)What was it about? What does it mean?"Fortress" by Gabrielle Lord is about a small school in the Australian country and their female teacher, from the city, being kidnapped by four armed men in cartoon character disguises. It soon turns into a struggle where the teacher is constantly out smarting the "terrorists". After running away for a second time they decide enough is enough and set up camp to defend them selves, and call their hideout a "fortress". This means that the whole story is basically focused on a Battle of the sexes where a stereotypically weak Female character works hard and resourcefully to combat 4 large, well resourced, co-coordinated and stereotypically "superior" men to the death.3)What kind of novel is it? What are some of its generic features?"Fortress" is a teen mystery\thriller about a kidnapping of little children and they're female guardian which is very similar to the standard set by Robert Cormier in 1979 with "After the first death", and therefore uses the same generic features set by Mr. Cormier in the 1970's. Some of the generic features include: group of children, female guardian, the guardian was meant to be male but wasn't, four terrorist's with disguises, Multiple points of view, one mentally confused antagonist, on submissive antagonist trying to fit into an already established group, the female over comes the male, sexual seduction, and one child has to die per hour.4)What other texts have you read that have similar features? Compare and contrast the generic features of at least one other text.Both "After The Last Death" (written by Robert Cormier) and "Fortress" are about a group of young children and their "helpless" female guardian. Four terrorists in disguises, working in collaboration with...

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