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Intervention In Syria Essay

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Whether we intervene in Syria is debated in the United States. Also, there is also a debate about whether we should intervene in Syria militarily or economically, but it is not easy to determine which is right.

Economical intervention

It is recommended to intervene in Syria economically because Bashar al-Assad is violent that such a leader has to be removed from office.

Al-Assad’s army exercised extreme violence such as making a ‘game’ for the snipers to play. When there is an attack on the rebel groups, “the Syrian snipers play a ‘war game’ in which is aiming at the pregnant women’s fetuses to win packets of cigarettes” (Heffer). The women who got shot survived, but the fetuses died instantly, which is not only cruel but also causes grief. This shows that violence in Syria is so extreme that it has to be stopped, which means intervention is necessary.

Also, according to document 1, if we intervene in Syria, “our moral standing would increase,” and “we have our moral responsibility to protect the innocent” (Khan). This shows that if we intervene in Syria, we will be proud of ourselves, and other nations’ perception on us will be better.

Furthermore, the “United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the use of deadly force by Al-Assad's security forces ‘unacceptable’” (Lee). This shows that there must be an action against Al-Assad’s security forces, or there will be consequences.

Moreover, according to document 5, over half of the people responded that Syria’s chemical weapon usage is a threat to the United States (American Views on Intervention in Syria). This shows that such threats need to be removed, which shows that intervention is necessary.

As the intervention, we will request other countries that they should not trade with Syria, but will not block Syria’s banking systems. Requesting other countries will be affective intervening in Syria because our friend nations will accept our request, and it will not take long for the government to shut down because there is not any money left. However, blocking Syria’s banking system will cause the innocent civilians, not the government, to suffer, which we should not let happen.

Military Intervention

It is not recommended to intervene Syria militarily because Syria is too dangerous that there will be consequences if our army launches attack in Syria.

For example, Turkey, one of Syria’s neighbor countries, “has temporarily closed crossings to and from Syria along its border due to fighting between opposition groups inside Syria” (Turkey shuts border to Syria). This shows that because Syria is getting overly dangerous, the other countries do not want people to go to Syria, nor do they want people from Syria, so we should not put our troops in Syria as well.

Also, according to document 3, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, warned US not to launch attack in Syria. (Roberts) This shows that our relationship with Russia will be worse if we attack in Syria, but it does not include...

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