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Intervention Programs: What Are Social Parents?

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The aims of Good Beginnings is to build better outcomes for children in vulnerable communities through effective early intervention programs. The support that is provided is a national children’s charity building with better outcomes for children and their families in vulnerable communities through effective early intervention and practical parenting programs, so that every Australian child has the opportunity for a good beginning in life. When this organisation work with families and communities, they listen. Good Beginnings develop partnerships, delivers services and recommends change to bring about better outcomes for children. The target group for Good Beginnings are for children up to ...view middle of the document...

Workplace giving allows employees to make regular charitable donations. Workplace giving has a significant positive impact on their ability to deliver their early-intervention programs year on year. There is also a member card that families can partake which requires them to save on everyday living expense whilst supporting Good Beginnings. The member cost is $49.95 a year for becoming a member with $10 that goes to Good Beginnings. It is important that both the positive and negative aspects of parenthood be examined before pregnancy begins. Carers, both male and female, may need support from agencies to manage their caring responsibility, maintain their health and wellbeing, employment and social activities. A biological parent is a person who gives birth to and/or nurtures and raises a family.
A planned pregnancy can assist the parents by ensuring that they are psychologically and physically ready to parent a child. When an unplanned pregnancy occurs, the mother and father have choices: to parent the baby, make a plan for adoption or terminate.
IVF can be an option to a couple. It is fertilisation in a glass which is sperm and eggs put together. After fertilisation occurs the embryo or embryos are transferred to the uterus. GIFT is a procedure in which both gametes are transferred to the fallopian tubes.
Social parents are individuals who care for a child without providing genetic material.
Adoption is a legal procedure in which the children are no longer considered part of their biological family but their adoptive family. The social side would be that the child’s history is unknown, and the...

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