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Subsequent to the discussion of the care plan in part A of this assignment the evidence based practice underpinning the interventions applied in meeting the client’s needs will be critically discussed. Recovery orientated goals for the mixed anxiety-depressive disorder was the main focus of the care plan. Interventions are the actions that are implemented in order to reach the goals. Evidence-based treatments are typically designed to target the precipitating and maintaining causes of disorders to bring about symptom reduction and functional improvement (Garber & Weersing 2010). Mixed anxiety-depressive disorder is characterised by a persistent or recurrent dysphoric mood of greater than 4 weeks' duration that is accompanied by symptoms of anxiety and depression. Symptoms could include difficulties with concentration or memory, sleep disturbances, fatigue, irritability, or worry, but these fail to meet criteria for a full anxiety or depressive disorder (APA 2000). The identification of appropriate interventions involved transparency about the results hoped to be obtained and were consistent with the goal. They were client centred, achievable, evidence based and oriented to client needs. The identification of planned, regular interventions in the care plan promotes consistency and continuity in the approach to care (Carpenito 2009). The agreed interventions for this client included attending the Anxiety Management Group, the Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Group and one on one time with the key worker. The client agreed to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and reduce caffeine intake in an attempt to assist sleep. She also agreed to comply with her medication and conveyed an understanding of the importance of same. The effectiveness of interventions is determined by identifying evidence that the desired results have been achieved and is of benefit to the client (Tunmore & Thomas 2000) and must be evaluated against the expected outcome of care. This may involve a re-assessment of the original problem as the initial assessment sets out a baseline of comparable information – a measurement against which quantifiable evaluations about planning and implementation of the plan may be made (Shives 2008).

Group therapy is a form of psychosocial treatment where a small group of clients meet regularly to talk, interact, and discuss problems with each other and the facilitator. Group therapy is based on the premise of confidentiality, so that what is shared in the group remains private (Kneisl & Trigoboff 2009). The objective of group therapy is to increase self awareness, increase social ease, allow exploration of new behaviours, provide support, develop skills, and promote more genuine interactions with others (Yalom & Lezcz 2005). The format of group work is open ended, with facilitators providing opportunities for sharing within the group, promoting discussion, talking openly and honestly with others about one’s experiences. The facilitator also...

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