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INTRODUCTION In this case study, our group has choose Federal Agricultural Marketing Board or known as FAMA (Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority) as our references company for the interviewing candidates topic. FAMA is a marketing agency which was established under Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry. It was formed in 30 September 1965 to monitor, coordinate, control and develop product marketing of Malaysian agriculture, including import and export. FAMA plays it role for the following functions: • coordinate agriculture marketing activity both in private sector or department / government agency • Improve marketing system and expand new market of Malaysian agriculture development • Collaborating with private sector and department / government agency to create efficient and effective agriculture marketing system • Develop an efficient management in agriculture industry, marketing activity or agricultural products processing • Involve directly in agriculture industry, especially in marketing activity and products processing. To make sure that FAMA plays it roles very well, these are much related to the FAMA officer or staffs who are the main character in any company. The efficiency of the managing any organizing system are important to make sure that the company can achieved the firm functions at very successful level. FAMA organization structure consists of senior management, department directors, regional directors, state director and staff directory. Every post of every level of this structure is involved by the FAMA human resource department because human recourses department get involved in activities like recruiting, interviewing, selecting and training.EXECUTIVE SUMMARYFor FAMA Company, their human resource department is responsible in the managing process that involves five functions that are planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. Human recourse department also function in the process of acquiring, training, appraising, health and safety, and fairness concepts. In this case study, we would highlight the interviewing candidates' process that is conduct by FAMA human resource department in order to select the best candidates to be at any post that available at FAMA Company.Inside interviewing candidates' process,...

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