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Interview Component Essay

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When I saw the prompt for this interview I knew I wanted to do something involving Canada. As a Canadian, I love when I get to incorporate it into my schoolwork. Over the break I was going back to Canada and felt that interviewing my cousin would be a great idea. While I already knew him fairly well and features of his life were apparent in mine as well, there existed vital aspects in his life that I did not have and wanted to understand. While we both were born in Canada in large cities, I moved away not only from Canada but also to a small city. I wanted to see if his experience of always living in a big city had an affects. I also wanted to see how the presence of the Spanish culture ...view middle of the document...

Looking back on the interview, I think it was very successful. Because I already had a relationship with the interviewee, the process did not seem as intimidating to him or to me, it allowed me to casually ask questions as if we were just having a normal conversation. The questions and answers involving his Spanish background were the most interesting aspect for me because while I knew that his mother was from Spain and witnessed them talking Spanish to each other, I did not know the stories from his relatives in Spain or many of the traditions he was exposed to. The one I found most interesting is the custom of shaving your child’s head, usually around age 3-4, to promote stronger, healthier hair. The custom was even applied to girls, something we do not see here in North America very often. Watching him explain all these stories and information I had never heard before was also a highlight to me because he got very excited to explain these aspects of his life to me. I never thought to ask him these questions before and was never lead on to believe that he would want to talk about it so seeing him so excited to share was one of my favorite parts. I also enjoyed listening to the differences between my own experiences of moving from Toronto to a small city in Kentucky and Daniel’s experiences of living in Toronto his entire life. While some of his experiences I could relate to due to living just down the street from him for eight years, there are aspects that are different. For example, he talked about not getting a driver’s license right away because most people relied on the trains for transportation because the cost was cheaper, whereas I got my license the day I turned sixteen because our town had no source of public transportation. Living in a big city has allowed him many recreational activities, such as the theme Park Canada’s Wonderland, without having to travel far. In a way, interviewing Daniel was a way of showing me how my life could have been if I had not moved away from the town. While at one point in my life I would have wished to experience life the way Daniel did, after the interview I felt content with how my life...

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