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An Interview With Stephanie Glenn
I met with Stephanie on a rainy evening at the library. She greeted me with a warm smile and we made small talk until I sat down and with a sigh said, “Ready to get started?” She nodded and pulled out a laptop and a notebook, ready to get to work. I started by asking the standard questions one asks when meeting somebody at Michigan- she’s a freshman, she’s from Michigan originally, and she wants to major in political science. She seemed friendly and personable, ready to offer up answers to any question I might ask. “I’m sorry, I ramble a lot,” she said sheepishly at one point during the interview. I disagreed and insisted she continue.
Prior to this she had told me about growing up in a small town- what she feels is one of the most important aspects of her identity. Stephanie grew up in Clawson, a suburban town outside of Detroit, with a graduating class of 120. She described many of the personal experiences unique to her town- knowing everybody in the community, riding her bike to the park, visiting Dairy-O on its opening day in the spring. She told me that living in a small town shaped her idea of normalcy- “a three bedroom house in the suburbs.” Going into this interview I almost felt like I had known her for years.
Stephanie told me that growing up in the same area with the same people her whole life led to a strong desire to travel and experience more. Being confined to the same surroundings all the time made any trip outside of them very special. She described some of her favorite experiences as those spent outside of her hometown- Caseville, Cincinnati, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Nashville. She described them with such childlike wonder and excitement, it was contagious.
“Some of my friends here have told me that their parents gave them the choice to travel to Europe or some other place after graduation and I’m like, I got a check for 50 dollars. I mean it’s cool if they get to do that; I would want to do that when I’m older or let my kids do that.” I noticed something that she hadn’t mentioned when telling me about herself; maybe something...

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