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Interview Of A Manager On Inovation

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In this paper an interview is conducted with the Mr. Sylvester Williams the Manager of New Horizon Medical Organization (NHMO) of Silver Spring, Maryland. We will be discussing the innovative organization and New Horizon Medical Organization (NHMO) has initiated innovation in the organization and we will talk about New Horizon Medical as a case study and evaluate their innovation culture and what recommendations that can be used to remove barriers. NHMO is a nonprofit organization within the Washington, DC Metropolitan area that provides health care for residents and employees, their eligible dependents and other eligible recipients as established by the company policy. NHMO families living in Silver Spring, Maryland, where the company is headquartered, are treated at hospitals and clinics owned and operated by the company. These are large, modern, full-service facilities annually providing health care for thousands of employees and their dependents as well as retired NHMO employees and their spouses.There are as many definitions as there are authors. However, the definitions of innovation differ in two major ways. The first difference relates to what constitutes innovation and the second relates to the focus of the definition. (Sahay A, 2005). Through these varieties of viewpoints, creativity is typically seen as the basis for innovation, and innovation is the successful implementation of creative ideas within an organization. Therefore it is the organization that from beginning strategy designed to open the door for innovation, it is a creative organization that's look for new and support and reward employee for and new system or product.In my initial interview with Mr. Williams, he was asked what innovation means to him.Innovation is the management of all the activities involved in the process of idea generation, technology development, manufacturing and marketing of a new (or improved) product or manufacturing process or equipment. (Trott, 2005). The innovative organization needs to be a creative organization; innovation requires the act of creation in order to give rise to something new, be it a product or a system. In my opinion the innovative organization is the organization that is in support new of idea and opens the door for any for any innovation; it is the organization that is ready to take a risk to be a market leaderMission and Values:NHMO Mission statement are dedicated to providing professional health care service which will enhance the well being and productivity of the Washington, DC population and employeesValues of NHMOThe values of NHMO includes: Courtesy, Compassion, Creativity, Continues improvement is essential to our success (Williams, 2010)Why Innovation is important for NHMO?NHMO is like any other organization, it need innovation to survive, before 10 years ago NHMO was the best place for medical service in the region but recently there have been a lot of competitors for NHMO, a lot of big hospitals opened in the region...

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