Interview Of Parboiler Entrepreneur In Pakistan

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Life takes the trial of every person, only those succeed who prepare there self very well before the trial and do hard work which is required to get the success in one's feet. Man makes his own fate is a famous saying which is true. It is the determination and hard work of a person which lead him toward the successful life for which he has to sacrifice his time of enjoyment and make him self busy in the hard work.

Mian Sabir, an old fellow was born in 1962, in Ghakhar Mandi, district Gujranwala and completed his metric level education there. His father was migrated from Patyala, India in 1947 and being allotted a shop in rice emporium from govt. of Pakistan as replace of his property in India. He saw his father doing rice business at a very low level and living hand to mouth. He narrated "Life is not as easy as it seems in the childhood. It seems good to play, wander with friends, having laughs and enjoy the life in the early stage of life while there are parents to provide money and fulfill the little desires one have. As I get a little matured, I saw my family in deep poverty, where there was less money to fulfill even needs." He went abroad facing lot obstacles for arranging money as he got an employment in Dubai in Hina Food Company.

Life is full of exams, it revealed at me on my very first day of job. I thought "is this Company has bought me? Certain thoughts captured my mind and move it toward some foolish way. Days started passing heavily on me, I was not use to of living luxury life but the behavior of different personalities and obstacles of life were making me ashamed more and more as time pass. I remember the advice of my father, "My son study well and be an officer otherwise you would be weeping all the time." That time I did not care about that but now I was weeping and thinking all the time, my dad was right. Than different thoughts making me move toward the thoughts, only officers are not living luxury life, of course businessmen are also living." According to Sabir, "I was not satisfied with my job, I always wished to be a successful businessman, and actually that white corlor job was good for me in that time."

He quit the job and came back to Pakistan and started to go with his father on shop, where his father used to purchase Padi on little low rate and then sale when he get some high margin. He watched different persons who were having Padi processing units to be converted to white rice. He observed they were earning high margins. It was traditional Padi/Rice venture practice.

No one in his family was businessman, as mentioned he was basically from labor class but aims were high, plans were better supported by planning, competitive edge was required to survive and flourish.

His world was shaken badly when his father left him alone in this world and all the burden of misery family was on his shoulders, now he would be the sole responsible for...

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