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The way person leads a group of people or an organization is key to a successful business or outreach. There are many styles and techniques for a leader to implement. Christian leaders are no exception; some might say being a leader in a church organization can be a more scrutinizing position than other leaders. Since, a church leader has expectations on how they should act or conduct themselves because of the Christian faith. This paper will discuss an interview with a person in leadership brother Larry and will give an account of his leadership approach. Furthermore, what strengths and weaknesses are prevalent according to authors Kouzes and Posner and the model they have in their ...view middle of the document...

However, he explained to me that he did not see himself as a leader but as a tool that is being used to help other individuals and to brighten up a person’s day. As a door greeter, he enlightened me that it makes him motivated that maybe a person is coming to church and does not feel particularly eager to be there and maybe his warm welcome can comfort them and help them receive a blessing during the service. In the prison outreach he perceives himself as deliverer of the good news and hopes that he and his team can reach men to correct themselves and continue to after they are set free. Therefore, he did not know how to answer the question posed to him. Finally, Larry was able to communicate what type of leader he was a loving servant. Larry loves what he does and though he made lead people, he understands that it is not about him it is about the people he is leading.
As a leader, I would have to come to an understanding that Larry is good at what he does and I can see why he is in the position that his is. Kouzes and Posner outline five practices that a leader should perform in order to be considered a good leader: Model the way, Inspire a shared vision, Challenge the process, Enable others to act, and Encourage the heart. Larry has significant strengths when you examine his leadership style to Kouzes and Posner model, the most obvious is Model the way. Larry will never ask you to do something he has no already done or is not willing to do. Larry has never missed a visit to the correctional facilities or a Sunday during service. The only account of his absence was about 6 to 8 months ago Larry had surgery for back trouble and was supposed to be recovering for a time, however, Larry returned to his duties because he cared deeply about his mission. “Critical incidents are often the most dramatic sources of moral lessons about what we should and should not value, about how we should and should not behave. They become stories that are passed down, whether around the workplace, in the sanctuary, or out in the community,” (Kouzes et al., 2006, p.13). This speaks to his dedication and inspires his followers that Larry believes in his vision and they should.
Larry understood that in order for change these men’s lives in prison he needed to show his people that this calling is important to him. Therefore, Larry returned earlier than scheduled and in doing this is established the importance of his work to the group that works with him and the people at the correctional facility who he ministers to. In order to change culture, in this case it is the belief of the society who has or is currently incarcerated that most ministers are a lot of talk and no action. Larry understands he needs to change that cultural mind state requires more than just him to believe in it. “Absolutely no one makes culture alone. There may be periods of solitude...

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