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Interview Project For Reaction To The Beatles Popular Music And Contemporary Society Interview Essay

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Drew Hendricks
Northern Kentucky University
Interview Project
February 2nd, 2018
The impact of Beatlemania on 1960’s Culture
During a time of revolutionary change, four young, shaggy-haired, band members from Liverpool, England, were at the forefront of a new cultural and musical movement. A Liverpool based band has never had a bigger four-man band.They have an ever-extending reach into the lives of people all around the world, their creativity, innovation, and personality transcended into the hearts of fans in every generation. Listeners can enjoy songs but that doesn’t mean they truly connect with the artist’s songs and lyrics. Not every person from the 60’s is going to an obsessive fan of The Beatles, and not everyone from the 90’s likes Nirvana, it simply comes down to your own opinion.
The Beatles, are arguably one of the most influential musical groups of all time—key word here is arguably, because not everyone is as affected by them. Practically everyone that lived in the 60’s saw firsthand the impact The Beatles had on popular culture. To this day, people are still being affected by the musical group in a variety of a ways. Except, not everyone is positively affected, or even affected at all by the group, and for others, they could not live without listening to their music. Take for example my Grandma and my college roommate. My Grandma was a teenager during the 60’s, she is not a huge fan of The Beatles, in fact, I do not think I have ever heard her listen to them or even talk about them. On the other hand, one of my roommates, who is 21, absolutely loves The Beatles, she has Beatles posters, records, a rug and even a lava lamp in her room. So, hearing what each of them has to say about the band is laughably ironic; you have one person from the era who is not as big of a fan, and someone who was born in the 90’s who is a huge fan. My roommate, Kelly, probably knows more about the Beatles than my Grandma does. Either way, they both have differing viewpoints when it comes to the musical group.
I asked my Grandma and Kelly what they thought would happen if The Beatles were introduced for the first time in 2018, do they think they would have the same impact on the world and would they be as popular? I got different answers. First off, with today's influence of social media and technology, the influx of musical talent is almost overwhelming, making the competition to reach the very top nearly impossible. My Grandma thinks that if the group was introduced today they wouldn’t make it, “if they were introduced today it would not have the same affect. There are so many groups that are different now and so many different likes in music as well”. Take for example television shows like The X Factor, The Voice, etc., these shows have been known to take several different artists and group them together to form a new band like One Direction, Fifth Harmony, and Little Mix, today, it would be almost impossible not to reach stardom without first going...

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