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Interview Questions And Answers: Recall A Service You Had Received Since The Day You Had Applied For Admission

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1. As a student, you’re being treated as a customer by the polytechnic. Recall a service you had received since the day you had applied for admission (eg admission exercise, enrolment exercise, financial services, counselling services.) Rate it and suggest one big improvement in the level of customer service. Write in the following format:
a. describe briefly the service you had received
One of the most unforgettable service I had received from the polytechnic will definitely be the upgrading of software for my laptop. I brought my laptop to school for an upgrading service as I do not know how to do it by myself, this upgrading was done by an IT student. He explained each of the different ...view middle of the document...

This is because my friend also went for the upgrading service but her experience was not as good. So if everyone unifies the way they serve their customers, they’ll improve in their overall service.
Use the above sub-headings in your answer.

2. Rank the following five definitions of service (1 for best, 2 for second best etc). Justify your ranking.
Service is
a. doing better than yesterday
b. being at your best with every customer.
c. going beyond what is expected.
d. going out of your way.
e. taking care of the customer like you would take care of your grandmother.

1) Going out of your way. Not many people are willing to go that extra mile and help others, people will just be happy as long as they fulfill their job requirements. So going out of their way to help customers will definitely be the best definition of service to me.
2) Going beyond what is expected. Different people have different expectations of people from different workforce. Customers usually have high expectations and by going beyond what is expected of themselves, the servers have definitely done a good job thus this will be the second best from what I see.
3) Being at your best with every customer. Each server will come into contact with many customers each day, so it would be nice if they give their best for each and every customer.
4) Taking care of the customer like you would take care of your grandmother. You have to be patient with all of your customers and I believe most servers are able to do so. It is important and it’s a must for all servers so this is ranked the 4th for me.
5) Doing better than yesterday. This is the 5th because I think that each person will have a limit, and someday it would be impossible to do better than they had the day before. So even though this is a good quality to have, it would not mean as much to me, compared to the other definitions.

3. Describe your response to the results of the study by Albert Mehrabian that the total impact of a message is body language (55%), tone of voice (38%) and words (7%).
To me, there are many forms of messages. They can be emails, text messages or even messages passed by mouth. So if the message is passed through emails or text messages, I think that ‘word’ will take up a higher percentage. However, since body language and tone of voice is involved, the message would most probably meant those passed by mouth. I do agree that the body language and tone of voice is important. Body language shows the other party how interested he/she is to the topic they are talking about. With a bad body language, especially in the service line, customers may think that the server has a bad attitude. Thus, through body language, others might change their impression of somebody. The tone of voice is also quite important. Others can tell one’s feelings through the tone of their voices. When one is excited, they tend to speak louder with happiness, but when one is bored of the conversation, they...

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