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Interview Summary Essay

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The organizations mission statement states who the company is and what it does. The mission statement influences the employees’ behavior from their first day of employment and is important and useful when understanding the company’s culture. It is taken very seriously and communicated widely and shows insight into the corporate culture. Both Toyota of Paris and Paris Junior College have similar missions. Toyota’s mission is to deliver outstanding automotive products and services to their customers, and enrich their community, partners and environment while Paris Junior College’s mission is to be a dynamic, comprehensive community college advancing the education of students while ...view middle of the document...

A lot of the attraction is based off of people’s personality traits. These days’ companies can be more worried about finding a candidate that will fit in with their culture more than who will fit a certain position. Some companies pride themselves on hiring employees based on personality and attitude rather than their job skills. They take the time after they hire someone to teach them the skills they need after they are hired. There are several techniques used to help find the best candidates that fit with their corporate values and culture. Some companies will put the candidates through multiple interviews with future peers or introducing them to future peers and learning what they think about them. This of course is not a bullet proof process and some candidates will slip through the cracks but will usually eliminate themselves because they do not fit in. This is one reason organizational culture is considered a self-defending organism. Another way to encourage and transmit the organization’s values and culture is through onboarding or organizational socialization process. This is when new employees learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviors required to function effectively within an organization. This process helps new employees feel accepted by their peers and confident in their skills if done correctly. This also helps them understand and share the values of the organization’s culture. This confidence helps turn new employees into effective employees that perform better, have more job satisfaction, stronger commitment to the organization and will stand by the company longer. There are multiple ways to implement onboarding such as orientation programs or placing the new employees with mentors. Orientation programs are a good way to introduce the new employees to the company culture and make them feel welcome. You can get creative with your orientation type, such as formal, two-day classroom, computer-based and face-to-face. It all depends on the type of company for which option will show the best results. Mentoring programs can be a crucial tool to have, they help new employees adjust, and understand the company politics, ethics and culture. The mentors teach the new hires the ins and outs of their position and how the company really operates. Having a mentor that you can trust and feel comfortable going to when you have questions and concerns is a huge help and plus to new hires. This sometimes happens own its own or through a formal program. The best...

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