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In my interview I had the pleasure of conversing with an individual that was not only an adult learner but now also operates as an adjunct professor for adult learners at a university. Some might not realize the parallels of adult learners and yet still there are vast differences that impact both. It was refreshing to find an individual that was able to succeed as a professional, a student and most recently a professor at the same time. My goal is to introduce you my amazing interviewee and paint a vivid picture of his journey, his growth and through his challenges along the way. Surprisingly this interaction was able to take a lot of excuses and reasons of why a person would be to busy to go back to school.

After a 60 minute interview with Dr. Rob Geis, Director of Procurement at BayCare Health System, I was ready to take on the world. Dr. Geis completed his Masters and Doctoral degree at State University while working at BayCare. After completing the two advanced degrees he was promoted to Director. Currently he teaches two online classes at The University of Phoenix on Health Care management and procurement. As a director at BayCare Health System he has to hold trainings for potential vendors and current vendors along with the training sessions for employees that will directly intervene with the vendors of the behalf of the Health System. It was inspiring to see someone who has successfully blended three different adult learner experiences together; a student, corporate trainer, and adjunct professor.

Adult learning environments are quite different in the corporate world vs. an educational setting. Both can be in found in a lecture hall settings and both can have distracted learners; however there are very distinct environment. Corporate training environments often start with encouraged distractions in the form of networking and snacks and light refreshments. Dr. Geis suggested that that not only eases the participants but it also eases the mind of the speaker. Trainers go into a corporate training knowing that there won’t be a high level of participation or even enthusiasm. This is mainly due to the fact that its most likely a mandated meeting or trainer. Those adult learners are more interested in signing the “sign-in sheet” than actually retaining information; that they know won’t be tested. Contrastingly; students are more like seek out the instructor for clarity and to ensure understanding of expectations. In the educational the adult is more eager because there is a perceived progression from one class to the next that leads to a common goal; which is a degree in most cases. Not surprising teachers, instructor and professors appreciate questions; especially related questions because it show a comprehension of training or teaching and levels of interest.

Personal growth comes in many different forms and has a multitude of levels of gratification. As an aspiring employee in the ever demanding Health care...

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