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Interview With My Pop Pop Essay

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My Pop-Pop and I started off our phone conversation talking about our week. My Pop-Pop has been taking care of my Mammoo since she broke her arm and she is going to physical therapy. Other than that, he is still out walking the dogs and doing yard work! After, we started talking about our interview for this week. I will be covering the topics of intimacy, college, as well as parenthood.

I started off the interview explaining Erikson's theory on intimacy. However I did leave out the part where Erickson talks about sexuality because, well, that's not something I'm going to talk to my grandfather about. I asked my Pop-Pop if he could give me any stories about this subject involving my Mammoo. He began to explain that around the time of his tour ending in the Navy, he wanted to reenlist. "I enjoyed the Navy very much, but you're grandmother didn't enjoy the time spent apart when I went on deployment," he said. My Mammoo would worry about my Pop-Pop and wanted to have the family to be together, my Pop-Pop listened to her point of views and decided that it would be best to be home with his family. As Erickson explains this was a degree of selflessness, sacrificing staying in the Navy for my grandmother's needs of having her husband stay home.

The next subject I will talk about is something my Pop-Pop doesn't like to share. He is a very private person and believes "everybody puts their pants on the same way," his words exactly. Knowing the job position he retired as wasn't a easy process, I asked him "What did you have to do to become the Vice President of Ford?" He proceeded to tell me that after he had gotten out of the Navy he took a position at Ford working in the plant. He had a family he had to provide for, and he knew that he didn't want his children to grow up the same way he did. My Pop-Pop talking about supporting his family was a great example of maturation reform. My Pop-Pop knew that working full time in the plant wouldn't support his family, so he started to go to...

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