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Interview With Parent Essay

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Before reading this paper one needs to know a little about me, Megan Koons. I am the youngest of three girls, my oldest sister is six years older than me and my middle sister is four years older than me. My parents are together and have been all my life. Growing up I saw my sisters fight and so I knew what not to do and got along wonderfully with both my sisters. I saw my oldest sister fight with my mom and my middle sister fight with my dad, so again I knew how to not make me parents mad and got along with them wonderfully as well. This paper will focus on a set of questions answered by my mother.
I started out with a broad question asking her to describe our relationship in high school in ...view middle of the document...

As hard as it was, and there were SEVERAL time I would want to step in and take care of a problem for you but you would insist that we stay out of it and you would take care of it. You did for the most part and I felt that was something she needed to do, that was who she was,” she said. I think my parents not stepping into my affairs or problems helped, I was able to ask their advice but they always left how I handle a situation up to me, it made our relationship stronger.
We then talked about trust; I asked how would you rate how much you trusted me? Why so much or why so little? She replied with “We trusted you immensely. You knew who you were, and believed in yourself. How could we not trust you.” Which lead right into my next question about freedom. I asked why would you say you gave me so much freedom? And she responded with “maybe it had something do to with being the 3rd child but it wasn’t because we spoiled you, no matter what your sister’s say. You knew our expectations and watched how things went with the older two. You learned and showed us the respect that earned you your freedom.” We have talked about and heard that the order of birth does have an effect on how you were raised and I couldn’t agree more. As mentioned in the introduction I saw a lot of what not to does in my class that lead me to have such great relationships with my family members.
I then asked do you feel like if you told me to do something or not do something, I would listen and why or why not? She responded with “Yes I feel like you would listen to me. I feel this way because we could talk so openly with each other.” Next I questioned her about my best and worst qualities during that time. “Your compassion toward everyone you knew and treated them nicely despite how they treated you! Your best quality was also your worst quality,” she answered. Knowing my parents think the world of me and I of them, I also know sometimes parents can be bias so I questioned my mom about what she heard others say about me. Her response was “I heard others talk highly of you and it NEVER surprised me, made me proud but never surprised!!”
I realized I was making a lot of assumptions about our relationship being so open so I asked my mother about it, do you feel like our relationship was open both ways? As in your were able to be honest with me and I was able to be honest with you? “Yes we do feel it was open both ways. I think you ALWAYS knew how I felt about situations that involved you, so yes I would say I was honest with you too,” she replied. Again many adolescents see there parents as old or that they wouldn’t be able to...

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