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Introduction:For the purpose of this research, I have chosen to explore homosexuality. I interviewed my cousin Tanya. She is a 24 year old Caucasian homosexual female. Tanya grew up in a small French community named Hawkesbury in Ontario. She moved to Ottawa once she graduated high school to pursue her post-secondary studies. She is still residing and currently working in Ottawa. Tanya comes from a catholic family and was raised by both of her parents. Tanya is the middle child of three; she has a younger brother and an older sister. Throughout her life, she has gone through many difficult stages compared to other individuals. Not only was she dealing with her bewildered sexuality, her parents went through an awful divorced throughout her late teenage years. The interview took place at Tanya's residence in Ottawa.Interview:I.Information obtainedTanya discovered at a young age that she was different from others in terms of sexuality; she had feelings for other females. Throughout her high school years she went out with one boy, with whom she noticed soon after that it wasn't what she wanted. She went through a denial stage where she couldn't even admit to herself that she was a lesbian. She was afraid of being rejected and didn't know how others would react. Tanya 'officially' came out as a lesbian in her last years of high school. Her parents and friends reacted quite positively. She came out to most people in high school around the age of 17, while she didn't tell her family until a few months later. At that time, her parents were going through divorce and court trials for an incident that happened roughly about the same time as Tanya come out as a lesbian. Therefore, she felt it was unnecessary to tell her parents immediately and waited until the chaos settled. None of her friends reacted negatively at all. For Tanya, it really did not change anything in terms of any friendships. Most of her close friends were very open-minded to begin with. Her parents were not particularly surprised or disappointed. All they were concerned about was her happiness and that's all that mattered. If she needed to be with a girl to be happy then they would support her. Until this day it's really not an issue. Now that everything is settled in the family, she has a typical parent-child relationship. Her parents met girls that she has dated and have been very comfortable. As she explained, they treat her no differently than any of her 2 siblings.As a lesbian, Tanya has encountered some type of discrimination or harassment. She will often hear comments when in public, for example; one night she was walking with her girlfriend back to her apartment and they were holding hands. They walked pass a group of college age people and they were obviously drunk. After they passed each other, one of them yelled back at them, why don't you just be a man?! To help you understand, Tanya's girlfriend looks 'manly' because of how she dresses. However, this remark did not offend or...

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