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Interviewing In The Field Essay

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The method that was used in this research was qualitative data analysis; field

interviewing. Field interviewing is when a researcher ask a lot of questions that are arranged

originally from a subject that one can answer openly. When researchers conduct these

interviews, they analysis your response to evaluate the similarities and the differences in the

responses. This type of research is very semi structured and unlike surveys, there’s no written

agenda to go by. When conducting interviews the researcher has to find a site or location to

actually conduct the interview and obtain permission. After the researcher finds a site, they must

figure out how the interview would be given, sort of like a plan. Some locations might required a

print out of the questions before you conduct the interview. Some interviews are recorded so that

they can be transcribed; the context of the interview is typed for further analysis (Fisher). Also

when a ...view middle of the document...

But she also realized that canvassers could actually get into paid positions, but many other

organizations didn’t have that opportunity. There are a few ethical concerns I have with this

interview. Dana Fisher was once a canvasser, so she may already had some predetermined

feelings and experiences with the subject. Even though she changed the students names, she still

gave detail descriptions of what the students had told her, so the students could probably been

easy to been pointed out. Also, she was about to be sued but IRB saved the people

confidentiality, if not her creditability would have went down as a researcher. There are some

things that were problematic as well. Originally she interviewed 116 people, but only 61 were

available for follow-up interviews. Time matters can be a problem to the researcher in its

findings. Its better to have the majority of the participants to follow-up, than to have half of the

participants to follow-up because it wont actually be a “complete” research or findings.

I thinking that conducting a survey would have been another way to have done this

research. Fisher could have given surveys to all the canvassers to fill out. Confidentiality would

have been kept, there probably would have been an issue on suing anyone, it would of taken that

long to get the results and findings, and I’m sure she could have gotten more follow-ups because

it wouldn’t require so much than to actually sit down and interview again. My research question

was: Are lower income individuals are at higher risk for committing crimes in higher income

neighborhoods? I think that this could possible be conducted in a field interview if you are

actually interviewing former inmates and people that actually committed these crimes. I could

ask them if they are more prone to committing crimes in a higher income neighborhood such as

burglary or robbery because they are assumed to have nice and better things than a lower income

neighborhood. I could also gives surveys to people that is in jail or prison to see and analysis

there input on why and if they are more to committing crimes in a higher neighborhoods as well.

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