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Intimacy Reviewed:Glances Into Relationships And It's Relation To Assertiveness

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Over looking information from scholarly articles, assertiveness is the solution that was found for improvement in interpersonal communications. Assertiveness is a quality that has not always been associated positively with myself. I personally feel it is because of my environment growing up. In order to counter act previous hindrances to my assertive behavior, I found articles explaining how to be more assertive.
There are a variety of ways to describe what is assertiveness. One dimension of assertiveness is, “the ability to express oneself without anxiety or aggression in different situations,” it is also the, “Direct and appropriate communication of a persons ...view middle of the document...

Exploring Assertiveness
Previous research on assertiveness shows that a variety of factors contribute to exploring assertiveness. One dimension of this is the ability to be assertive without displaying signs of anxiety and aggression in difficult situations. Assertiveness is also the ability to have direct and appropriate communication in regards to a persons needs, wants and opinions without punishment or putting others down. Assertiveness can also be utilized by maintaining and initiating, “socially supportive relationships and hence enjoying better emotional well-being.(Eskin, 2003)”
How to Be Assertiveness
When putting assertiveness into action, there are tips that could be implicated to gain this ability. In one article, eight steps are given to gain assertiveness. The first step is to address obvious problems that hinder people. To be specific is the second step, to be broad would not help. An instrumental complaint should be used, this is because this complaint means something can be changed. Prioritize and be clear about what is needed for the third step. The fourth step in being assertive is to make request that are manageable. Also, do not make accusations. Speaking in a pleasant manner also helps the person want to accommodate the speaker. To have empathy from the other individuals, speak about their actions and not about the person themselves. For example, in a conversation between two people one could say, “You didn't wash the dishes when you claimed you would.” That would be stating their actions, instead of stating, “You so inconsiderate.”,...

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