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Mayumi CervantesProfessor KimEnglish 104 (507)April 29, 2014ADHD and Sexual Behavior: The StruggleEver seen a kid who just can't seem to be able to stay put? He/she probably suffers from a psychological disorder known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These individuals tend to seek novelty and stimulation; they need to respond to the need to mobilize neurotransmitters in charge of making one feel good and calm. The medications used to treat ADHD mobilize Dopamine and Noradrenalin, which are the brain's substances that help to feel good and calm hyperactivity. Combined, they help individual's feel less restless and anxious and makes them calm, happy and feel good. The most stimulating parts of the body are the mouth, tongue, lips, fingers and genitalia; hence the reason why teenagers and adults with ADHD tend to masturbate often. The stimulation is very calming, as climax releases a dose of Dopamine in the pleasure section of the brain. As a result, people often ensue in hyper-sexuality, sex addiction and engage in promiscuity. Several case studies have been done to further analyze this behavior, and observe how much the disorder affects individual's sexual lives. It is declared, that most people who suffer from this disorder are more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior than those who do not.It is known to the public that children with ADHD have behavioral, academic and social issues, yet not many know that these problems persist to adolescence and even adulthood. It is explained in a study done by Kate Flory and colleagues, that behavior is channeled from failing at school and suspension into other type of problematic behaviors as they grow into adolescence. This includes alcohol and cigarette use, peer rejection, deviant peer behavior and eventually leading to sexual risks. The procedure included having young participants and their parents interviewed individually asking questions regarding Childhood conduct problems and Risky sexual behavior such as: "how often do you have casual affairs with strangers?", "how often did you engage in intercourse while under the influence of drugs and alcohol?", and about condom use. Participants were also asked about history of sexually transmitted diseases, and how many times had they been pregnant or gotten someone pregnant. Parents and teachers completed ratings concerning disruptive behavior on scales from "(0- not at all)" to "(3- very much) to things like fighting. The results indicated that compared to the controls, individuals with ADHD were at increased risk of all the categories except for "Having sex under drug or alcohol use". Results from the parent's answers indicated similar outcomes stating that behaviors such as fighting change into things like dating bad companies. This proves that ADHD problems don't go away with age, but develop differently as new interests arise. Apparently, most kids stop receiving treatment as they exit childhood, since behaviors are better hidden...

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