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Sexual Exploitation Of Women In The Media

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Sexual Exploitation of Women in the Media

Women are sexually exploited in the media. In today’s society if people watch television programs such as Chingy featuring Snoop & Ludacris – Holidae; Charlie's Angels; the Z100 commercial with Britney Spears; or Baywatch they will see that the feminine image is presented differently than the masculine. In these programs men are typically placed in sexual situations fully clothed, while women are presented in provocative clothing or less. The camera will frequently zoom in on body parts to focus on the woman’s buttocks, midriff, and legs. Society is still dominated by men who control what people see. As a result women are increasingly portrayed as sex symbols as a way for a media company to turn a profit.

The Internet has grown to be the biggest exploiter of women. Through pornographic chat rooms and on-line “dating” services, women are commonly depicted as nude in images that has them submissive to men. In a world dominated by patriarchy, with men exercising authority over women and children, the Internet has capitalized by evolving from a million dollar business for a few to a multi-billion dollar business for many predators. Donna M. Hughes, a writer for the Technology and Society Magazine, explains the influence the Internet has with promoting women’s exploitation:

The sex industry is among the top five groups buying state-of-the-art
computer equipment. Sex industry businesses were the first to buy
and use expensive T3 phone lines that transmit compressed,
high-resolution images. One of the largest Internet companies in the
world, Digex, whose largest customer is Microsoft Corporation, has a
sex industry site as its second largest customer. One of the Web site
designers who work at a large sex industry Web site, described his
work as a “dream job” because any new technology was available for
the asking. In 1998, $1billion was spent online on “adult content,” 69
percent of the total Internet content sales.

In most commercial advertisements on television, women show more skin than men. Commercials use women to sell sex because it attracts more attention than men showing their bodies. For instance, Britney Spears, a singer whom many teenagers admire, appeared in a music commercial for Z100, the number one radio station in New York. Z100 promotes commercially hot music in modes such as pop, rock, and R&B. In Z100’s new commercial, Britney Spears is wearing a beige outfit consisting of a tight tube top and small shorts that accent her chest and buttocks. After talking for a moment,...

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