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Sexual Morality As A Social Problem The Report Should Contain Data Collected From 20 People Concerning 5 Social Problems With A Summary And A Likert Scale.

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Is sexual morality really a social problem

The document that follows contains data collected from twenty people in regards to sexual morality.

SEXUAL MORALITYIntroductionSexual moralityIs defined as morality with respect to sexual relationsThe traditional stand on sexual morality is that sex should only be between a man and woman of legal age, within the confines of marriage with the expectation that they will be monogamous during their marriage.I believe this is the reason society views the following issues as social problems.Premarital sexSexual orientationHomosexualsAffairsSame sex marriageI asked myself if most people believe in the traditional idea of sexual morality.To answer that question I formulated a questionnaire that contained five questions in relation to those social problems and the following report contains my findings.Please not that any respondents that chose not sure, did not give an explanation for their answer unless otherwise noted..EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe data assists in assessing modern sexual morality.The data was collected via a 5 question survey, handed out to twenty different people of different culture, religion, race and age. Their common element was the hospitality industry which in essence did not influence their opinion of the questions asked.60% of the assessed individuals preferred to be asked the questions instead of filling out the form, therefore the answers were instant, and this made it easier for them to expound on their opinions as I took short notes on the survey form40% preferred written answers and handed in their surveys in as fast as 5 minutes.I would like to thank the individuals that participated in my survey.SEXUAL MORALITYRESULTSPRE MARITAL SEXFirst question was in reference to pre-marital sex.Respondents were asked if they believed that sex before marriage was morally wrong.Out of 20 people 4 believed that it was wrong.Reasons - The four stated that it was due to their religious beliefs and that it was against the church/bible and or the Quran.The rest of the respondents believe that sex before marriage was not wrong.As I gathered this information I realized that most people said no due to peer pressure while they were growing up or from the media, or that they were placing their own moral scale to justify themselves -i.e. if I have safe sex, I will not create another social problem like STD's, unwanted pregnancy etc.Though answer that made me smile was from a male respondentHe believed that marriage was morally right because pre-marital sex contributed to world peace.I asked him to explain his rationale, and he let on that if everyone was sexually frustrated and had to wait to get married then there would be a lot of conflict that would lead to wars and therefore by having pre-marital sex we were creating a safer environment and contributing to world peace.I thought to...

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