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Intimate Partner Violence Essay

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Cook: "I don't want him to know I even called. You know what I'm saying? That's the thing. That triggers him when he knows I called. He tears the stuff up in my house.”
Operator: “We'll tell them, but they're still going to contact you."
Cook: "He's already tried to kill me three times. I'm really just fed up with this. I can't keep moving and changing my life because of this [expletive].”
Cook: “I’ve been going through this for five years with him. It’s still the same thing. I have complaints. If you look up my name, you’ll see there are a hundred thousand complaints, but ain’t nobody doing nothing.”
Operator: “When was the last time you called police?”
Cook: “Umm, two weeks ago, and they just tell me not to open my door. And all that.”
The above transcripts are from several 911 phone call made by Deanna Cook over a period of several months as her ex-husband stalks and terrorizes her. Deanna’s last 911 call was 10 minutes long, ending in her death, yet her family were the ones to make the discovery of her murder. Intimate partner violence (IPV), the researcher’s coinage of domestic violence, occurs more than one would think and it is not singularly a United States problem but a global concern. Why and how is IPV a global concern in this modern era? Surely no woman in her right mind would choose to stay in an abusive relationship? Unfortunately, until recently, IPV has been running rampant, being overlooked as an issue just between partners, not a public health concern. Research on domestic violence can enlighten professionals and the public on the latter questions and on varying degrees of factors and influences surrounding IPV36. The more is known about the subject, the better interventions and preventions we have to reduce domestic violence around the world—through these progressions, maybe one day domestic violence will be a thing of the past.
Considerations on the Importance of IPV Research
1993 marked a huge milestone in the elucidation of domestic violence—yes, only 20 years ago did the world perceived IPV significantly enough to decree a worldwide fight against it. The World Conference on Human Rights of 1993 publicized the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women and since then, the international community welcomed the movement towards acknowledgement “that violence against women is an important public health, social policy and human rights concern” (Devries et al., 2013). Why the global concern over domestic violence? The concern is over numerous physical and mental health problems for millions of women; injuries, death, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy and abortion and alcohol abuse can stem from intimate partner violence. The short and long term effects of domestic abuse are far reaching—in fact, it is the leading cause of death in women from homicide in the world. Since the 1993 conference and declaration, research on domestic violence has multiplied greatly and with that comes awareness and...

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