Into Darkness Essay

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Into Darkness
In the cold, dark fog of what used to be Venice, Italy stood a city of only the darkest and coldest of heart. Nobody in the poor, dreary town cared for the rest of other poor, sick people that were dying due to plagues spread by the excess of nuclear waste dropped in the crossfire. Ever since world war 3 the whole face of the Earth was wiped of most of civilization and all of the decency in people’s hearts. At this point people thought only of this situation as a free-for-all and nothing else. However, a select few, wiped of good nature, still remained as the cunning, scheming people they used to be.
These people were later labeled as “The Dark Few” who only existed in ...view middle of the document...

These 3 clans consisted of a Leader, Deputy, Warriors, Children, Medics, and Strategists. Due to the intense pollution, if someone who is not in a clan proceeds into clan territory they will be immune to that element but, more susceptible to others. Each person in the clan has simple laws and duties to follow. One must hunt animals not for himself, but for his clan. In these clans, whether its fishing or patrolling it is done for the clan.
Although, most of the “Dark Few” have dispersed into the 3 clans, one still remains.....

Out of the Dark
As the cold dark fog surrounded the endless oblivion around him, Crow realized he wouldn’t last much longer without any food or water. Crow’s painful, weak mind was then swarmed with self doubt. As the clouds of doubt formed an allure of darkness around his mind, a shining light surfaced past the endless darkness. He saw his friends and family cheering him on. In an instant he was back at the abandoned dorm where he and his friends used to have intense games of cards. The nostalgic environment quickly dissipated and Crow had to face the endless abyss in front of him. It was his entire fault they were in this mess. Tears started to cascade off Crow’s luminous green eyes as the dark mist consumed him. His friends weren’t on the face of the Earth, so why should he be? His mind continued to be shrouded in dismay as he fell into the dark abyss that used to be his home....
Unfamiliar Territory
Sunlight burst through the open...

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