Into The Depth Of The Island

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Ben Clarkson looked out the window of the helicopter. The island was coming into view near the horizon. He had finally reached it, Kalasheya. For 15 years Clarkson and his team of archeologists had been searching for this island. They had explored the ancient Mayan villages and temples high in the Andes, asked locals about folklore surrounding the island, and consulted historians and archeologists for knowledge around the legendary and mysterious island. Legend has it that of the coast of the Andes, at the edge of the world, lay an island on which lived a people of extraterrestrial origin. This people lived in a city beneath the surface of the island, with technology so advanced, it ...view middle of the document...

The group set down their luggage and equipment and began to set up camp.
"We should check the mountain first," said Conrad in a matter-of-fact tone. "The legend said that the extraterrestrials are underground, so they are more likely to be in a place where there is more space underground, like the mountain."
"I agree with Alice, we should each take hiking gear and search for anything that seems interesting. If anyone finds anything, he or she should tell the others via walkie-talkie."
After the crew prepared their hiking equipment, they all set off to different directions that lead to the mountain. The mountain was massive, and covered most of the island. Around the mountain was a dense ring of trees. On these trees lived a wide range of tropical birds and animals, which greatly attracted the interest of Tarkovsky. After a few hours have passed, a huge crashing sound echoed around the island.
"Did you all hear that?" Conrad spoke into the radio.
"Yes," replied Clarkson.
"It sounds like something caused the trees to crash, was it you Tarkovsky?" said Anareaux. Nothing replied.
"Dmitri, are you there?" said Clarkson. Again nothing replied.
"He may have hurt himself," Conrad said anxiously.
"OK everyone, search for him and if you find anything tell us."
Half an hour later, Anareaux broke the silence. "I found a huge hole near the foot of the mountain," he said. "It looks like the entrance to a cave that goes right under the mountain itself. It’s a about 200 meters north of our campsite. I also something else…there's a trail of blood on the ground of the cave. It leads deep into the cave. And a broken walkie-talkie as well"
"Oh dear," said Conrad. "He definitely hurt himself, but may have gone in to examine the cave on his own. Stay there Dmitri, we can search for him together."
Ten minutes later everyone except Tarkovsky was present at the mouth of the cave, and made their way carefully into it. It was a quite small in the beginning so that it could only fit one person, but then it stretched out to the size of a large corridor. After a few minutes of walking a slight rumble shook through the cave.
"What was that?" screamed Conrad.
"I don't know, but watch your step It looks like this cave is unstable," replied Clarkson apprehensively. "I think we should turn ba--"
The floor suddenly collapsed under their feet, and all three of the explorers were plunged deep into a chasm.
Clarkson woke up; his head spinning like a tornado. He felt sick to his stomach. He could not move, his legs in chains. He found himself in small room lit with only a sickly green light. Clarkson looked around the room slowly, and then his eyes fell upon a figure to his right. He could not see it clearly, as his head was still hurting. When he finally noticed what it was, he instantaneously vomited on the ground. It was Tarkovsky, or what was left of him....

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