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The Positive Effects Of Japanese Interment

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“Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.” This was once said by American author Rita Mae Brown. People can always review something that has happened in the past, but humans tend not to think twice about what they are doing in the present. Throughout history, people have gained hindsight through experience, so is it fair to blame others without understanding their reasoning? The majority of people believe that the internment of Japanese Canadians was unjustified, but if they were British-Canadian during World War II, would they still have the same thoughts as they do today? The internment of Japanese Canadians prevented violent discrimination from Canadian citizens, helped strengthen Canada as a nation and also saved thousands of lives. Although many human rights were violated, Japanese internment benefited Canada over time.
The Japanese Canadians were discriminated whether they were interned or not. Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbour, racism towards the Japanese Canadians was not something new. Japanese Canadians “had defined their communities since the first immigrants arrived in the 1870s”. An Anti-Asiatic League was formed in Canada in 1807, it was the source of much of the hostility toward Japanese Canadians. The league was made to bound the amount of passports distributed and restricted them from working the sectors of British Columbia. Another group entitled the White Canada Association were, “dedicated to combating the ‘evils’ of the Asian presence in British Columbia.” During the federal election of 1935, both the Liberal and Conservative parties ran smear campaigns against the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, now known as the New Democratic Party, condemning them for being pro-Asian. When the Pacific War started, the discrimination only increased. Racial posters sprung across the country creating propaganda to convince. These posters displayed acts of rape and murder, depicting the Japanese as the main enemy to society. Canadians started to believe that all Japanese citizens were truly evil and they branded them as enemy aliens following the attack on Pearl Harbour. The Japanese were threatened and ridiculed by the white Canadians, therefore had they not been interned, they would still have been in a rough situation outside the camps. However when the Japanese Canadians were released from their internment camps, the citizens realized that they were wrong to magistrate the Japanese, helping the citizens come to realize their mistakes and undeserved actions. Interning the Japanese prevented violent riots from angry and patriotic Canadians. It also prohibited further discrimination and public judgement against the Japanese.
Not only did interning the Japanese help with violence, but it also helped strengthen Canada as a nation. Both French and English Canadians believed that all Japanese Canadians were spies or enemy aliens because of the bombardment of propaganda. ...

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