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In The Lord Of The Flies, Golding Wanted To Show His Readers That There Is No Such Thing As Innocence, Even In The Young

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In the lord of the flies, Golding wanted to show his readers that there is no such thing asinnocence, even in the young. Clearly in the text, the first evidence of conflict between Ralph and Jackmanifested itself in the argument they had who was going to keep the fire burning. Respecting orderand pursuing survival desires rather than pleasure was rejected by Jack. Humans follow their instinctswhen they have no technology or the pleasures of today to help them establish their survival pattern.The lord of the flies (the pig's head on a stick) was the symbol of everyone's subconscious fear of theunknown.In the text innocence, as we know it, was violated through the first major conflict over survival.Ralph wanted to keep the fire going to hope for rescue while Jack pursued his carnal desires to go outhunting whether for survival or pleasure not known. If innocence does exist, then one of them wouldhave sacrificed his personal emotional desires for the other, but because instincts supersede innocence,innocence disappears.Simon represented the subconscious truth that lied hidden disguised in the depth of every humanemotion. The theme conveys that an evil essence lurks in every man that can be brought out givencertain circumstances. Simon, whose character was depicted as being different from the other boys,was able to recognise, confront and ultimately get destroyed by the evil in man's heart. Simon was ableto recognise that the evil on the island was in the hearts of the boys. When Sam n Eric conjured up anevil image of the beast on the hill, Simon identified the evil and he imagined a different form, the trueimage. "However Simon thought of the beast, there rose before his inward sight the picture of a humanat once heroic and sick." (Golding, 103) Simon can see through the evil description of the beast and seewhat it really was, a...

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