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Chris Mc Candless Was A Sociopath Essay

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Was Chris McCandless deranged? Was he delusional? Or was he a hero? Since Chris’ body was found in bus 142 in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, he has been called many things. Those who knew him believed that he wasn’t crazy; that his impulsive actions and aspirations to explore the world, were no more than the natural inclinations of a young and idealistic spirit. However, his desire to venture into the unknown with no source of human contact and nothing but a ten-pound bag of rice, is not considered normal behavior. Jon Kraukauer’s, Into The Wild, manifests how Chris McCandless’ antisocial demeanor, lack of remorse, and impulsive actions are directly relatable to behaviors associated with a sociopath.
At first glance Chris McCandless appears to possess charismatic and endearing traits of one socially connected with society. As Chris traveled around the country, everyone that met him instantly fell in love with his kind heart and charming personality. He made “an indelible impression on a number of people during the course of his hegira” while only being in their presence for a few short days (Pg. 48). He formed tight friendships with Ronald Franz, Jan Burres, and Wayne Westerberg. However, nobody “was affected more powerfully” or touched greater by Chris than Ron Franz (Pg. 48). He was so enthralled by Chris’ warm nature that he offered to adopt him as his grandson. Chris instantly turned Franz down and fled as soon as he was could, as he always did when feeling the pressures of emotional attachment. When Chris finally departed Franz’s side, he was relieved that he had again “evaded the impending threat of human intimacy” (Pg. 55). Based on Chris’s connections with the people he met on his journey, it would appear that Chris was a social individual, however upon deeper inspection it becomes clear that he was the antithesis of a social person.
Chris was only capable of forming superficial relationships that didn’t require any emotional investment or devotion. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Chris hadn’t developed any deep...

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