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Into The Wild: Leaving Your Family Behind

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Imagine your first home. The place where you lived right after you were born. Were you took
your first steps, and were you said your words. This place is closely attached to your heart and you cherish it despite the hardships you may or may not have had there. You love this place and everything in it. Now imagine leaving this place. Just up and leaving everything behind. Family friends, basically the proof of your existence. You just cut the ties to the life that binds you so you can go live in the wilderness. Even if you have a reason, is it possible to do without a thought of going back before you truly leave, apparently so. Christopher McCandless a young man fresh out of college did exactly this without a second thought. He left his home, his comfort zone, just so he could challenge himself. He wanted to live free of societies rules, so he left. What kind of man would do this? An ordinary man, who was so selfish he idiotically left his family .
McCandless is seen in different ways because of his decision to leave his family. One of many that voiced their opinion of McCandless was Sherry Simpsons a writer who visited the site of Chris’s death and later wrote about him with the idea that he was selfish. She said, “The one thing we can say about McCandless is that his biggest mistake may have been his failure to listen to the right stories. He ignored advice about the scarcity of game, the practicalities of bear protection, the importance of maps, the truths of the land. He was too intent on creating the story of himself.” Simpson basically said that McCandless was selfish kid who cared more for what he thinks than what others say. Others also saw McCandless as selfish, one whose name is Judith Kleinfeld. Her thoughts about McCandless where, “This kid drives me wild....

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