Into The Mind Of Darkness Essay

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Into the Mind of Darkness

"You cannot have [the] power for good without having [the] power for evil too.

[And], even mother's milk nourishes murderers as well as heros, [besides what man was

ever content with just one crime]." (Mitchell).

In the past decade, an elusive creature has capture the attention of the American

society as well as a few Eurpoean nations. In the twisted psychotic minds of the these

individualistic creatures who murder constantly to appease their hunger, life, sex, pain

and death are fashioned into a passion to kill. And, in this world other men and women

of society were pawns or toys to be played with, terrorized, raped, violated, and

murdered. Then when the creature has had its fun, their victims bodies will be casually

tossed to the side, since it is no longer a means for pleasure or domination. But a

souviner will keep a of the exploit, to remember always, wether it be a body part or a

trinket. Some of them have been known to mock the authorities with deliberately placed

clues and taunting letters. But why would some one do these horrible things? Tis a

question that has plagued many, who have attempted to understand, the mind of a serial


A serial killer by definition is "someone who attacks, slays/murder more than

three victims one by one, during a relativly short period of time in temporally unrelated

incidents (having no relations and or in a different location each time), which does have

some exceptions, as in the case of E. Kemper who killed his mother and her friend in the

same incident (thus not meeting the criteria of geographical seperation and and

eliminating only strangers, but he is still included). The word "Serial Killer" is a

relatively new term but the crime it was coined for is not. There are few acts portrayed in

modern literature on serial murder that are not reflected in the lives of historical figures

such as Tiberius, Caligula, Vlad Tepes(Dracula) and Gilles de Rais (who supposedly

tortured, raped and killed hundreds of children).

Facinatingly, there are four main types of serial killers; Visionary- who murder in

response to an inner-voice that commands them to kill, Mission Oriented- murder in

order to rid the world of a particular type of person, Hedonistic Thrill Seekers- murder

for sexual gratification, and Power-Control Oriented- employ a sufficient amount of

torture in the killing process as they revel in having complete control over the vivtim.

Thogh no two killers are exactly alike and each possess various motives, they share most

of the same characteristics. The profile of a serial murder usually includes violence as a

child, bed wetting, rejection of mother, absence or physical abuse by the father.

As in the case study of H. Lucas, his father was an abusive alcholic who had beaten him, and his

mother, a prostitute. He was left...

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