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The theme of the present paper is “The Translation of the –Ing Forms in legal documents from English to Romanian”. We will focus particularly on the - ing forms and their translation in Romanian. The research is based on a parallel corpus of legal documents excerpted from the EURLEX portal for European legislation. We motivate our choice of compiling a corpus of legal documents in that their translation is valid and has an official character.
The reasons for writing this paper are the following: firstly, the - ing constructions have raised many questions to linguists and grammarians because of its misleading character –it can be wither a Gerund, a Verbal Noun or Participle – ...view middle of the document...

Translation difficulty encountered by the translators is due to the grammar of legal language which has a complex syntax, making use of multiple subjects, complements or appositions. Another level of difficulty consists in the fact that each legal language has its own manner of structuring sentences, word meanings, specific terms and styles.
The methods of research that were chosen are: the study of the English Grammar parallel with the Romanian Grammar; collection of information from other studies based on the –ing forms, and analysis of parallel corpus of legal documents.
The present research is based on the study and analysis of twenty-one bibliography sources in two languages, the essential ones being:
• Ionitiu Ionela, 2011. Gerunziul si participiul in limba engleza si romana.Perspectiva constrastiva, Editura Universitară, Bucureşti
• PAHONIE Ramona Daniela, 2011, Formele verbale nepersonale, nepredicative, Craiova, [S.n.]
• Andrea Velecká , 2010, Gerund in Translation: A Corpus-Based Study, Master’s Diploma Paper, Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts, Department of English and American Studies
• Huddleston Rodney,2002, Pullum K. Geoffrey & et al, The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language, CUP, New York & United...

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