Intolerance Of Homosexuals In A Tolerant Culture

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Intolerance of Homosexuals in a Tolerant Culture

In this country there is a serious problem. This land that was founded on "All are created equal" we have a problem: inequality. Culturally, we have welfare and other social programs to help racial minorities and any other minority you can think. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity form the basis for the religious miasma that is the U.S. So you can see religious and cultural differences are accepted. We live in a tolerant society where diversity is accepted—wrong. How about a culture where homosexuals are pariahs. A place, where even today, gay and lesbian couples can't even be married in a civil ceremony.

Sexual inequality is the biggest challenge in America today. How can it be constitutionally right that a person can be fired from their job because of a sexual preference? To date gays can lose their jobs and homes—legally. One of the biggest struggles they face is marriage. To date 26 states have passed laws defining marriage. The law states, "Marriage is between one man and one woman." This, "Defense of Marriage Act" passed in 1997. Those same 26 states have passed laws banning same sex marriages. It also says that other states do not have to legally recognize the marriage. Our constitution states, "Laws made in one state shall be applicable in any other state." Less than a hundred years ago it was illegal for African Americans to marry, less than a hundred years ago women couldn't vote, less than 40 years ago Blacks couldn't eat at the same lunch counters as Whites. So here the government goes again trying to circumvent the constitution. (Halsall)
Today someone s can be sued for racial inequality but, a gay man or women can lose their jobs and even homes. They are accused of undermining society and values when all they are doing is seeking happiness. Gays and lesbians seeking marriage are simply asking for equal rights in a civil ceremony.
In America, one out of every ten men is gay and one out of every eight women. If they were allowed to marry a large part of society would benefit. The benefits of marriage have been proven. Productivity in the work place goes up, relationships are more stable and better health (just to name a few.) It would be...

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