Intorducing Cosmas Essay

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“Most people in South Africa they not doing the career that they want to so they are not happy so I want to be happy.”
Cosmas is an energetic young man whose passion is sport and for this reason he enrolled for a two year Diploma in Sports Management. He is 24 years old and lives with his mother and one of his two sisters and her children. His father has a diploma and his mother a degree.
Cosmas chose the course because it is an area of interest for him and he believes that if you do something that you are passionate about, the course will be easier and you will be happy.
“Because I’m very passionate about sports and I think… eh for a person to be doing something that they love it will be much easier like maybe doing something like accounting which I’m not passionate about so it’s much easier and when I qualify and do work it’s also going to show in my work because most people in South Africa they not doing the career that they want to so they are not happy so I want to be happy.”
Cosmas feels that a tertiary qualification will make him more knowledgeable about life in general and a further motivational factor is his baby daughter. He is not supporting her financially at present due to the fact that he is a student and has no income. She resides with her mother but Cosmas do spend time with her every weekend except during exam times when he has to study.
He wants to provide her with a better future. Cosmas enrolled for the first time in 2011. In 2012 he was repeating all his first year modules. He is now (2013) repeating his second year as well as modules from his first year. He acknowledged that he experienced his first year as very challenging and that he was not at all prepared for tertiary education. He thought the class hours was too long and he did not fully comprehend that modules or subjects are presented per semester and that there is no second or third term to catch up if you have failed a module in the first semester.
“I think for me there was no foundation like I was trying because I am use to this thing when you come from high school like there are four terms in high school so you know if you don’t pass first term you know I will pass second term so I use to do like that so here I did not understand the concept of you have to pass your test to qualify for exam so I think that was a bit…”
Cosmas places allot of value on the quality of lectures he receives in the classroom and his lecturer’s abilities. During his first year he had one lecturer for all his modules. He believes this has put him academically in a disadvantaged position and that his results has improved in the second semester due to the fact that he had more than one lecturer that lectured him and also the quality of the teaching and learning he received in the classroom made a difference.
“…like I had one lecturer for I think … eleven [pause] twenty two modules because we do eleven ehh… no…like six [counting on fingers] eight… fourteen modules in one year so I think...