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At the start of World War II, Libyan nationalists considered getting involved in the war because it could bring freedom from Italy. The nationalists were naturally on the side of the allies because they opposed their colonizer. Britain agreed to support a move toward independence after the war if the Libyans supported the British. When Italy invaded Egypt, a small British army defeated them. This gave hope to the Libyans that the allies might win the war and they would obtain freedom. The Sanusi army, the Libyan Arab Force, in Libya fought with the British during battles in the Western Desert. This help and sacrifice is what earned Libya recognition by the British at the end of the war.1 ...view middle of the document...

4 Italy was forced to renounce all rights to control of Libya under the Paris Peace Treaties signed in 1947. The British controlled Cyrenaica and Tripolitania and the French oversaw Fezzan.5
The United Nations debated the issue of giving Libya independence under a monarch for months but eventually created a resolution on November 21, 1949, permitting Libya its liberation no later than January 1, 1952. The United Nations promised to watch over the internal development of Libya by being informed through reports given by its commissioner. They did this by appointing Adrian Pelt, who at the time was the Assistant Secretary-General of the UN, as the UN Commissioner of Libya on December 10, 1949. Pelt traveled to Libya on January 18, 1950 for a primary study of the condition of the three provinces of Libya. After consulting with Libyan leaders, Pelt decided to create a Preparatory Committee in which the three provinces would be equally represented. From this, the Preparatory Committee created a National Assembly that would later create a constitution that was unanimously passed on October 7, 1951. The National Assembly continued meeting until Libya proclaimed independence on December 24, 1951 under King Idris.6 The new government was a hereditary constitutional monarchy with legislative representation in a Senate and House of Representatives. The King also nominated a governor for...

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