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As Laurie Halse Anderson said, “Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance.” After reading this quote it’s easy to realize that censoring or banning books is not a good choice. Even if the book is Truman Capote’s novel In Cold Blood which has been banned in several high schools, but later reinstated. This novel is about the true murders of the Clutter family that happened in Holcomb, Kansas. It’s easy to see why Capote’s novel is censored at first glance. However when you look at the entire book, it’s hard not to be fully intrigued by Capote’s writing and overlook why it was banned. After reading Capote’s captivating novel there is no doubt why this novel should be kept in schools.
One morning Capote was reading the New York Times when he stumbled on a story about a murder that happened to an average Kansas family. Capote was instantly drawn to this story, and that’s what made him spend six years of his life researching for this novel. In Cold Blood is not merely restating facts from Capote’s research, but making the murders come alive again. Capote’s writing will transport you to Holcomb and experience everything that the detectives and the killers experience. Jack Olsen, a famous true crime author, told a reporter that he “recognized it (In Cold Blood) as a work of art.” Why would you not allow someone to read a piece of literature art? This novel meant a great deal to Capote and he put everything he had into In Cold Blood. Capote was never able to finish another piece of literature and he said, “No one will ever know what In Cold Blood took out of me. It scraped me right down to the bone. It nearly killed me. I think, in a way, it did kill me.” Capote did everything to make his novel a true piece of art and he didn’t just make this novel about murder; Capote incorporated crucial themes as well.
To tell how great this novel is, you needs to look at the themes in In Cold Blood, which Capote captures flawlessly. The story captures losing innocence and family as its themes. In the novel, the Clutter family symbolizes the perfect family and Perry, being from a broken family, kills those who seem to be perfect. It’s important to realize how family can affect your future decisions; they can push you to do great things or push you in the opposite direction. This simple lesson is embodied in In Cold Blood perfectly. Perry’s killings appear to come along after he loses his mother, which sends him to an abusive “detention home.” Perry losing his innocence and becoming violent is what leads the Clutter family to their deaths. A lesson you can...

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