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Intrinsic Reward Essay

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What is intrinsic reward, intrinsic reward is a non-monetary reward, where it not involved physical things; for example; motivation, cooperation, self-esteem, and encouragement. Its more refers to motivation that comes from inside an individual rather than from external rewards, such as money or grades. It comes from the pleasure from the task itself and sense of satisfaction in completing any task that you have done. Intrinsic reward are differ from extrinsic reward, where extrinsic reward is like monetary reward. Extrinsic reward like an award that is tangible or physically given to you. For example, wage, promotions, and grade.
On my opinion, what are intrinsic reward that are important on a jobs? Intrinsic reward are usually refer as a motivation, or something that can drive us to achieve the goals. When comes to the job, I’m more prefer to challenge myself to do the task, and when I’m challenging myself, all I need is motivated from all the co-worker and also from the boss or manager in the company. Motivated are one of intrinsic reward, and also when we challenge our self, we actually boost our performance, and increase self-esteem to attaining the goals. We will feel energetic and tend to working with great performance.
A study shows “People are more creative when they are intrinsically motivated. In work settings, productivity can be increased by using extrinsic rewards such as bonuses, but the actual quality of the work performed is influenced by intrinsic factors. If you are doing something that you find rewarding, interesting, and challenging, you are more likely to come up with novel ideas and creative solutions.” From the text, people or worker will more creative when they are highly motivated. Yes, worker also need extrinsic reward but they will not find satisfaction when they are not motivated. Worker will be interesting to the task and they tend to achieve the goals with the great experience. Satisfaction doing the job are very important. When you feel satisfy do some job, you will feel complete and it automatically increase your productivity.

Cooperation and competition is also need as intrinsic reward, what type of cooperation it needed? And what type of competition? Cooperation in the company or when we want to complete the task is very crucial. When we working as a team, we need cooperation from all the team member. Cooperation that given by each of team member is an intrinsic reward, when we get all the cooperation, we manage to done all the task and achieve the goals. When comes to competition, good competition are needed in the scenario. For example, in the company, there are 2 people assign to do the task. Both of them are compete each other but in the good manner. They actually boost them working technique and both of them will achieve the goals with lots of experience.
Praise and encouraging a person when they do some task can help them to improve their working skills and they will get satisfy with the job. Praise...

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