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Intrinsic Rewards Of A Graduate Benefits Of Receiving A Bachelors Degree Other Than Monetary Or Job Advancement.

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The college experience and benefits could be described as a photo album. Imagine looking back upon your education and seeing a picture of each encounter and gain. My album would include three main folios. The pride taken by myself and my family upon receiving a bachelor's degree. The abundance of knowledge of both things you believe you will never use and those things that surprise you when you do. Along with the differences in people you befriend and come across during your years at college. Each folio, however separate, culminates these events into what we look back upon and call our college experiences.I look forward to the day I can hold my hand out and accept my diploma, to hug and shake hands with my family. That intrinsic reward has no monetary value and can never be taken away. The look upon my family's faces of joy and pride for my self discipline and sacrifice needed to obtain my goal. Most importantly I will be able to tell my son that his Mommy and Daddy have bachelor's degrees, allowing us to parent by example. When I look back on all the good times of my life, only a few will standout as exceptional, I believe this will be on of those times.A college experience can simply be the forced enrollment to a variety of courses you would never take by your own accord. This core curriculum is intended to leave you well rounded with a slice of basic knowledge in all higher education fields of study. For me, the most important benefit is the ability this diversification gives you to identify false or misleading statements by the media or other experts. Everyone has an...

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