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Non-Swearing ExperimentFor this experiment I am going to be giving up swearing for three days. This means that I am not allowed to use any bad words, for an example I am not allowed to say the F bomb but I am allowed to say firkin.For one whole day I recorded how many times I swore. I learned that I swear the most when I'm with my friends and when I am frustrated. At home I will swear maybe once or twice. When I'm with my friends it really does not change my mood. Swearing doesn't make me happy or sad, I just stay the same. When I am frustrated swearing makes me feel calmer. At home it kind of slips out and I feel bad because I am around my family and we don't swear when we are around each other. During the day I think a lot about swearing but I do find that I stop myself a lot from swearing because I know it is a bad thing to do.After three days of not swearing.A) During the first day I wanted to swear many times. My swear count was getting close to thirty (30). By the last day I was down a significant amount, I only wanted to swear about 3-5 times a day.B) Every time I stopped myself from swearing I felt good because I knew I had self control, this makes me more confident because I know that I can apply myself to other subject other than swearing.C) My mood during this experiment has changed many times. I went into this experiment being confident, I thought that I would have control over what I wanted to say and that stopping swearing cold turkey wouldn't be a problem for me. However this wasn't the case. I found out that I swear more then I would like to believe and swearing has become such a part of my dialog that it just slipped out to fill the gaps in my speech. By day three I have regained my confidence because I committed myself to stopping a problem I knew I had. This was not an easy task to do, but I applied myself all the way through and this made me feel really good about myself.D) Usually I found myself swearing the most in social gatherings, quite often with friends. It seems to be a common thing among teenagers, almost like a right of passage. When my friends would swear it would make me want to swear more. I also found myself swearing during rugby when I would mess up a play or drop a pass. I would you swearing to release my frustration.E) My friends were skeptical at first, they had the feeling that I wouldn't be able to achieve my goal because of how much I normally swear. But threw out my progress for the three day they started to encourage me and became proud of me for sticking to my goals and making it through the three days. They were also noticing that their swearing went down as well.During this three day experiment I noticed that even though we think we say what we want to say when we...

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