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Regarding the productions and operations for the Sofyan Hotel, the owner, Mr. Riyanto has kindly offered to share how the operation processes work in the organization. The operation processes that involves 1500 employees is done by combining the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) along with the Sharia (Islamic law based on the teaching of the holy Quran) standards that has been set by Mr. Riyanto.
The ISO that has been selected are ISO 9008 2015 which is the standards used for hotel operations that requires the hotel to be able consistently provide service to customer that meets their standards. The next one is IOS 22000 which is the standard in which the organization must ensure that the food that they are serving to the customer is safe and can be certified to. Finally, the final ISO that the owner told us is ISO 14001, this ISO is basically a requirement for the organization to ensure that the environmental of the organization is being measured by the management, which shows that the hotel is going with the green movement
As mentioned earlier, along with the ISO Sofyan Hotel also integrated its own Sharia Standards that has been set by the owner Mr. Riyanto. The Sharia Standard is a standard to ensure that everything that is going to be used in service is Halal. This standard is being used for the Sofyan Institute, an education & training for hospitality that is provided by Sofyan Corporations which is then used to be the standards for the Halal Assurance system for their Hotels. Mr. Riyanto had also consulted with the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI (Organization that is responsible for...

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