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Dear Mr. Sykes, My name is Sarah Zakaria, I am in tenth grade, and have also recently moved here to Thompsons Station, Tennessee. I moved from Florida, the Sunshine state - it wasn't that sunny in the summer! As of hobbies, I am a very simple person. I used to do dance, mostly hip hop, then realized that it was honestly just a waste of time and my parents' money. So I quit, allowing myself to focus more on school and getting good grades. When I started high school, I joined the JROTC program. It was such a great way to learn leadership and many other morals, and of course, you learn many military related things. Later on in the year, I joined track and Field. I did discus, and trained for track in the coming year. As of other hobbies, I spent most of my days studying and going to the gym and having practice, and when I had free time, I helped out in the neighborhood and hung out with friends.As for jobs, my parents did not think it was a good idea to balance all the workload that I had and a job. They thought a good idea of a job was getting those A's, and that was fine with me. In my family, I have a mother, father, and two brothers, but I am the oldest of us three. We are all jokesters, so we all get along pretty fine, unless one is pulling a joke on another. As for my parents, my dad's job is what got us here. He now works in DaVita (the office not the clinic), and my mom just stays at home, keeping us all clean, feed, and sane.Although I am in tenth grade, in my former school my biology teacher recommended...

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1056 words - 4 pages ● yellow journalism ● teller amendment ● McKinley's war message ● sphere of influence ● monroe doctrine ● social darwinism ● imperialism ● Maine in Havana, Cuba thesis: Because of the Monroe Doctrine and with a sense of imperialism and jingoism, the U.S. declared War on Spain in 1898. intro: ● seward's purchase of alaska ● movement to purchase hawaii ● imperialism of western

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