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Intro To Computer Forensics Essay

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{DATE\@ "06/03/2007"}Student's Name: Yasser AliyanAssignment Type: IPCryptography ConceptsUnit: 1Course: ITS660-0702A-01Dr. Prof: Jose M. NievesSpecial Topics in Network SecurityCover PageIntro to Computer Forensics{DATE\@ "06/03/2007"}Student's Name: Yasser AliyanAssignment Type: IPCryptography ConceptsUnit: 1Course: ITS660-0702A-01Dr. Prof: Jose M. NievesA computer virus is a damaging computer program. It is usually designed to make other software malfunction by attaching itself to any software within contact. Virus programs attack and destroy data in computer systems. They also have the capacity to spread out to other computer systems that have contact with the infected ones. Because of the dangerous damage they cause, computer virusesThere are three types of viruses; a boot sector virus which infects the boot program that starts the system. The virus then is loaded into the computer memory and spreads through any floppy disk. The second type is the file virus which inserts virus code into program files that spreads into any program accesses the infected file. Another type is the Trojan virus.Some viruses would cause computer systems to freeze temporarily, followed by a sound or message. Other viruses have a logic bomb which is an activity that takes place when a certain action takes place in the computer. A worm is like a virus which copies itself until there is no memory left on the computer.Antivirus programs have been developed to detect, repair and remove viruses. In case of an infected file that can not be removed, the antivirus program places it in a backup place. An antivirus program, such as Norton Antivirus, is very important on a computer. In addition to antivirus, personal and administrative practices and institutional polices should be established.Antivirus software can also protect one's computer from another person hacking it. Hacking a computer means breaking into the computer from another computer and having full control over it. Hackers can break into someone's computer and destroy the files that are there. Antivirus software will stop hackers from doing that. In fact, it will capture the location of the computer from which the hacker is trying to break into someone else's computer, and that person can then press charges against the hacker.There are three classes of anti-virus products: detection tools, identification tools, and removal tools. Scanners are an example of both detection and identification tools. Vulnerability monitors and modification detection programs are both examples of detection tools. Disinfectors are examples of a removal tools. (Hoffman, 1990)Today, computer systems are under attack from a multitude of sources. These attacks target different characteristics of a system. This leads to the possibility that a particular system is more susceptible to certain kinds of attacks. The macro viruses are not...

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