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Reflective EssayLauren Fidler653815Intro to CommunicationWhen I first began college at the University of Northern Iowa, I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I took a couple semesters of classes, and now, being a sophomore, I have finally decided: Public Relations. I have had multiple people tell me I would be good at it, so I looked into it. Public Relations intrigues me. I hope to someday work for a big, stable Public Relations firm in either New York or California, and become a member of a team that is so great. I hope to use my business experience to the fullest. The purpose of this reflection is to confirm my own thoughts as I move onto this point in my life, and make my thoughts familiar to others. In this essay, I will explain what I think it takes to be a successful Public Relations major, my goals, and my plans for the future.I think there are many skills that are needed by someone to be successful in any job field. Some examples of this are being skilled at using computers. Computers are becoming a basic part of jobs in today's world. If someone does not know how to use a computer or certain computer features (Excel, Publisher, etc.) then the employer probably will not want to teach them how to use one, they will just hire someone who understands.Another skill that people need to have in today's job world is speaking a foreign language. This is not required for jobs, but it puts you on a pedestal when employers are looking at resumes of potential employees. People should obviously be responsible when they have a job. If you are late to work, there are not really any excuses that can make up for it, so just be on time.According to the University of Arkansas Department of Communication, the following are not necessarily skills that you have to have to be a communications major, but rather skills that you develop as a communications major: write clearly, set and meet deadlines, work in teams, demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, and communicate effectively. These are just a few.According to the University of Iowa Communication Studies webpage, "In many professions, the need for communication skills has never been more critical. Employers consistently cite communication skills as the major requirement for success in professional careers." Communications is becoming a field that is searching for possible employees who display these skills.I researched a big Public Relations firm called J Public Relations, which is located in both New York and California. It would be my dream to work here. At J Public Relations, everyone that works there has a degree in the Public Relations field and they are all widely recognized...

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