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Psychographic segmentation is often part of an overall segmentation strategy.Psychographic studies may be implemented to develop lifelike, 3-dimentional profiles of lifestyles of the firm's target market.When combined with demographic and geographic characteristics , psychographics become imortant in understanding the behaviour of present and potential target markets.BENEFIT SEGMENTATIONBenefit Segmentation is based on the attitudes of products as seen by customer.Segments are developed by asking customers about the benefits they perceive in a good or service.Many marketers consider benefit segmentation as most useful method of classifying markets.Benefit analysis provides the best predictor of brand use, level of consumption, and product type selection.Daniel Yankelovich revealed people purchase low price watches rather that high price.PRODUCT USAGE RATE SEGMENTATIONrule of thumb 80/20.80% of company's sales will come from 20% of its customers.Brand loyalty is important. Identifying brand-loyal heavy user is profitable for the marketer.To attract heavy users acompany might create different product size offerings, promotions, rewards, or financing terms.SEGMENTING BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS MARKETS.GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION - where the bulk customers are concentrated in geographic locations. It is important when organizing a sales force and marketing sales management decisions.PRODUCT SEGMENTATION - need for specific products. North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) a coding system used to categorize different types of businesses and products. formerly SIC Standard Industrial Classification.END-USE APPLICATION SEGMENTATION - how industrial purchaser will use the product. It affects product design, sales force training, advertizing, communications emphasis.AMOUNT SIZE & POTENTIAL SEGMENTATION - amout size and growth potential. Allows marketer to concentrate resources where they will have the biggest payoff.Chapter 4Alternative Market Matching Strategies.Company Resources: must cover product development & marketing costs.Differentiability of products: product differentiate from other products. Some products can be produces for individual segments.Stage in the Product life cycle: as product matures, different marketing emphases are required to fit market needs.Competitor's Strategies: Strategies & Product Offerings muct be continually adjusted in order to be competative.Size of Segment: Potential segment must be large enough to make it...

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573 words - 2 pages is to understand the concept of the cost flows and financial statements. We have already learnt that the production cost consists of three types of costs (DL, DM and MO). There are 4 steps involved in the process of manufacturing a product and assign the costs to it.1. When raw material is purchased, its cost is added to raw material inventory, an account which records the cost of all major materials purchased for manufacturing.2. As direct

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1250 words - 5 pages Business Law - Test Study Notes ReviewCONTRACTS - Written. Oral. Implied.Freedom of contract - what parties agreed to in the first place is unrestricted to the court. Equal bargaining position. Acting Voluntarily.People can enter in any kind of contract as long as it meets the common law requirements.Law of contracts: common law or case law.CONSENSUS - parties must reach a mutual agreement. Equal bargaining positions. Free to enter as they


1837 words - 7 pages against the GHIBALLINES (black group.)-Guelphs believed in separation of church and state. STATE was for Peace on Earth, CHURCH was for Salvation.-Ghiballines believed in secular power, led by the POPE.-The black group overcame the white group and the guelphs (white group) were exiled. Including Dante.Reasons For Writing the Inferno:-Death of Beatrice. Helps to teach people what it takes to be saved. Prove that for humans to overcome evil, it takes

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1110 words - 4 pages The nature and role of markets and marketing. - marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that saisfy individual(present and potential customers) and organisational objectives. The role of marketing in the firm and society-70% of all new products fail within the first year of being launched. - for a business to achiee its main objective

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983 words - 4 pages shown effective ways to study for a test, which includes the steps of taking effective notes, finding a place to study, and reviewing for a test for a only a short length of time. To start of, the first step to study is to take good notes. Taking good notes on a computer will decrease the time of studying, by being able to the complete notes without worrying about not being able to understand handwriting. In this book, How to Become a Straight -A

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10423 words - 42 pages similarity between the crimes in order to allow evidence of the other crimes that D was not identified for and the court used a balancing test between the value of evidence against waste of time to ct.)Problem 3.10Use 404 Special Relevance rule. Court must be shown that the cases are very similar, but only used to show motive, knowledge or identity. Not sure if this evidence would be allowed. Very close to just showing the D's dangerous

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1054 words - 4 pages battleground with Britain 1800 in a secret treaty France acquired the Louisiana territory and western drainage of Mississippi and Missouri rivers 1802: Spanish commander at New Orleans closed the port to American shippers, disrupting commerce. Jefferson feared this Federalist in congress wanted to use military action to reopen the port. Jefferson offered to buy the secret treaty land for 2- 20 million and Napoleon

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2654 words - 11 pages Ch 1 & 2 Review1. Reformation- Religious movement in the 16th century Europe, reform the catholic church.2. joint stock company- Business in which investors pool their wealth for a common purpose.3. Jamestown- First colony established by John Smith.4. indentured servants-People that came to the new world in exchange of the passage, they agreed to a limited term of servitude.5. House of Burgesses- Virginia's colonial legislature.6. Pilgrims

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1098 words - 4 pages : tools to accomplish goals. Non-material Culture: values, ideologies, symbols, language.Society: group who shares territory and culture. Cultural lag: the tendency for material elements of culture to change before the non-material elements do.Theories of change and development- Technology may outpace changes in cultural values. Social evolution, the fittest society will survive. Functionalism and Social Evo.- Parsons: social systems as

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1821 words - 8 pages actual measurements consisting of height and weight. 12 Unfortunately, BMI is not always documented in a patient's records and may present as a difficult variable to study in some cases. Influenza continues to affect the population in large numbers. H1N1 in particular presents a major threat to the public's health. The data collected during 2009 is very similar to the influenza cases documented during the 2013-2014 influenza season. Thus, the

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Introduction To Marketing Study Notes For Test

757 words - 3 pages Marketing Study NotesTarget Market - to whom will you target the product.Developing Starategic Marketing Plan- identify, evaluate & select the market- when market is selected, develop & implement a Marketing Program designed to target choosen market.Market - people with willingness to purchase and authority to buy.Types of Markets:CONSUMERR GOODS - products & services purchased by consumer for personal use.INDUSTRIAL GOODS - products

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2894 words - 12 pages , serious problems can develop.It is important for a salesperson to adapt his selling behaviour to customer's communication style.Communication is always the responsibility of the salesperson.The completed communication-style model provides important insights needed to manage the relationship process in selling.Some people who study communication-style model for the first time experience feelings of frustration. They find it hard to believe that

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1474 words - 6 pages being.Market Research Objectives.Exploratory Research: Marketing research to gather preliminary information that will help to define problems better and suggest hypotheses.Descriptive Research: Marketing research to describe marketing problems, situation or markets better- such as the market potential for a product or the demographic and attitudes of customers.Casual Research: Marketing research to test hypotheses about cause and effect

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1033 words - 4 pages need" to test their students to a court, they are then able to do so.The purpose of drug testing in schools is not to catch students that use drugs, but to deter students from using drugs. Some may say that "suspicionless" drug testing is ineffective, but this is untrue. According to The Office of National Drug Control Policy, "Drug testing was responsible for a significant reduction in cigarette smoking among 8th grade students (13-year-olds) from