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Intro To Psych Meta Analysis

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Lizzie PolenzaniPSY 121Paper #1: Research & Critical ThinkingI do not believe the pill used in this experiment to be of assistance to the students in any way. There was more than one error in this experiment; all of which could have been altered, or fixed, in some type of way.The experiment starts at the beginning of the semester with the professor asking fifteen students in his psychology class to volunteer to take a pill that will supposedly make them smarter. Sure enough, fifteen students volunteer, while the other fifteen do not. In class we learned about a psychologist that asked parents to sign their children up for a program that would benefit the child in school. It would pretty much prepare them for when they started school and make them ahead. She found that the children that were signed up for her program did in fact do better than those who did not participate. However, this project turned out to be a waste of time and money because she did not use random assignment! So she decided to go back and completely redo the project. When she did this, she randomly chose children from all different backgrounds and ethnicities. In the end, the results were the complete and total opposite than the results from when she first did the project!This, I believe, is because the parents who signed their children up the first time were ones that cared about their child's future, had the money to do it, or both. They wanted their kid to be ready for school and to pretty much learn how to learn. These are the parents you see signing their kid(s) up for several sports and making sure they're always busy doing something to better the child's future. That's not to say that they're all like that, because I'm sure some of the parents that signed their kid up just did it because they genuinely care. While on the other hand, you have those who didn't, or maybe even couldn't sign their child up. This could be because they couldn't afford it or really didn't even care about their kid enough. This whole concept definitely correlates with what the professor is doing by just taking volunteers.The students that volunteered are most likely the ones that really care about their grades in the class, and were possibly even hoping the pill could help with their other classes as well! These students are also more likely to work harder in general, but also in hopes that the "smart pill" will help them achieve their greatest potential. However, if random assignment were used, there would have been a mix of the students that were motivated and those who weren't- this way we would get a better idea as to if the pill has the ability to be a benefit to students.As we all know, not all college students, or students in general, are the same. Which brings me to my next point: there was not a good representative sample. The professor focused the pill on college students specifically from his intro to psychology class. So we know the group he focused on were college students, but...

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