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Melissa Graves
Research and Writing
April 10, 2004
Sigmund Freud
In this paper, I would like to educate myself more on the work of Sigmund Freud. I have a interest in learning more about him because I work in Human Services and his methods are the foundation of a lot of current psychiatric practices. Freud is psychologies most famous thinker. His work has developed our current way of looking at childhood, therapy, sexuality and memory.
According to Gale, Freud was born on May 6, 1856 in Frieberg, Moravia to an abnormal family structure. His father had been married and widowed twice. His mother was nineteen and half his father's age. He had two adult step-brothers. His mother and father had seven more children after him. His family moved to Vienna where he would spend most of his life. Freud's family recognized his scholarly talent at a early age. He was taught at home at first and then entered traditional schooling and excelled at his studies. (Encyclopedia)
As a young adult, Freud attended university and earned a degree in medicine. Freud went on to develop an interest in studying live patients and the association between prior tragic events being the cause of psychiatric illness. (Encyclopedia) This is how "talk-therapy"was created. Freud had a special interest in a patient named Anna O. Anna was suffering from hysteria. Freud found that he could associate trauma that occurred in Anna's early life to the development of the hysteria. Freud also found that when he would sit and talk to Anna about those events that she seemed to calm down and work through her issues.(Pendergrast) It is fascinating that this discovery was made because "talk-therapy" is the center of the common psychiatric practices today. Discussing feelings, emotions and moods are the most effective was to obtain self wellness. According to Gale, Freud began to use hypnosis to cure hysteria. Freud began to realize that the negative behaviors were associated with past traumatic events that had been repressed into the unconscious mind. (Pendergrast) It is very interesting that what seems to simple to us now was so complicated then. I wonder before Freud, how did people cope with emotional stressors? In the world today so much emphasis is placed on emotional wellness. How to achieve it, maintain it and enjoy it. So, I wonder if the people of earlier centuries felt the same way we do now concerning feelings. How did they express their feelings? Was it common to be tough and emotionless? There is a clear stigma attached to mental illness now. Nobody wants to be thought of as "crazy." People are not willing to discuss their mental illness with you as they would discuss the weather. However there are so many...

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