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Launching A Career Essay

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There are many different ways that a person can begin a career. Some may start out in search of a new career after spending many years in an unrelated field only to realize that he/she does not find that particular career field to be one that is intrinsically rewarding. Others may begin a career because it is a family business, and that individual has been groomed to take the place of their parent(s) once the parent(s) are ready to retire. Some people simply seek to have a full-time job, and are not too concerned with much more than a paycheck or possibly that individual just likes the feeling of security that one might get from a job that is not otherwise rewarding. Others may seek to obtain a job for the title or for the prestige that may be associated with that particular career field, or they simply like to be the boss. Then there are other individuals that have a specific career goal in mind or a “dream job”, and strive to achieve those goals through education and training. I am fairly confident that most people have heard the adage—and it certainly is—but knowledge is also the key that will unlock doors in your future career-related endeavors, so get cracking because there is no time like the present to prepare for the future.
Regardless of the career field that you plan to get into there are different types of training or degrees relative to any respective type of rewarding career field. Someone who would like to become a successful business owner would certainly benefit from taking some business courses and learning some of the finer points of owning and operating a business. There is also the financial aspect to running a business which is covered in business classes such as accounting and business mathematics. Unless you are an incredibly brave person you probably would not attempt to fly a plane without first taking the required classes in order to obtain a pilot’s license, and running a business is not much different. Without the proper training and knowledge of what to expect you could potentially crash and burn. I—like many others—have certain aspirations that I would like to achieve one day, and back-up plans in case those original aspirations are not realized. I have a considerable amount of knowledge regarding cooking and different styles of cooking. I am currently pursuing an Associates of Applied Science with culinary arts as my major and business as my minor. I plan to further my education by enrolling in a culinary school in southern California after I obtain my Associates. I aspire to be a professional chef and restaurateur. I am making strides toward both goals by gaining knowledge in both fields at the same time. I am the type of person that sets realistic goals and achieves those goals by utilizing any means possible. Seldom do I fail to obtain what I want—within reason—when I truly desire to do so. I am not suggesting that one should do something that is unethical or illegal; however I do suggest that one should be...

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