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Introducing Rough And Ready Lumber Co. And The Swanson Group

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Introducing Rough and Ready Lumber Co. and the Swanson Group

Lumber companies such as Rough and Ready Lumber Co. and The Swanson group have been providing jobs for the last several Decades. Specifically, Rough and Ready Lumber Co. began in 1922 in Cave Junction Oregon by the Krauss brothers, additionally, the Swanson Group was founded in 1951 in Glendale Oregon. In brief, these lumber companies create direct and indirect jobs for thousands of citizens in the surrounding areas of their locations. While there is a natural need for the product these companies provide, there have been several barriers preventing logging, which is necessary to keep business doors open.

The Economics
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Policies and Barriers
According to Cameron Krauss of the Swanson Group, the spotted owl is the number one contribution that has stymied timber harvests, but it was just a means to an end. In the 80’s environmental concerns for the endangered spotted owl, and the protection of old growth forests, presented many new challenges to the timber industry (Krauss, 2014). Environmental groups began pressuring the government for new forest management legislation. The health of the forests, and the wild life habitat the forest provides became a highly debatable subject. Timber harvests began to decline as a result to the conservation litigation and political matters that were brought to light. To this end, the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP), which was federally founded in 1994, was designed to restrict timber harvests in order to protect endangered species that dwell in old growth forests (Zielinski, 2012). Further, the NWFP provided a guide for a much regimented forest management style of our forest lands. Pendulums do swing though and there is a building dissatisfaction with federal land management today, as unmanaged forests burn up and rural communities have no jobs base (Zielinski, 2012).
In order to be a key member in the timber industry, every agency must comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The NEPA necessitates that federal...

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