The Effect Of The Environment On A Plant´S Growth

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One of the main key that effects the plant’s growth is its environment. The effects of the environment on the plant could either be positive or negative. Just like animals, plants also respond to their environment. Phototropic responses are the most common responses. Phototropic responses involve the bending of growing stems towards the light. Stems are phototropic as they grow towards the light. The growing of the stems toward the light is obviously good since the growth towards light gives the plant a greater exposure of light. The growth of one plant will also be affected if there is another plant growing next to it. If a plant is alone, it will grow faster since it will not have any competition to get light and water, but if there are two plants next to each other, they will struggle and will not grow as much as the plant that is alone.
The growth of plant requires a copious amount of energy, and plants get their energy from photosynthesis. Root growth determines the plant’s ability to take up necessary nutrients and water. Root growth is dependent on the leaves that do photosynthesis since the roots depend on the energy that is made during the process of photosynthesis. Roots receive energy only when there is more energy being made than used by the plant. Temperature also affects the growth of the plants. Cool temperatures reduce the growth rates of plants more than they reduce photosynthesis which increases the amount of carbohydrates stored in a plant. There are also many other factors which effect the growth of the plants, but the main factors are environment and temperature.
Allelopathy is the word that refers to the positive and negative effects of one plant on another. The main factor that is affected by have one plant near another is growth. Like I said before, a plant growing alone will grow more than two plants growing near each other. The reason I think that is clear. The plant which is alone will get all the sunlight and water, while the plants that are next to each other will have to compete to get sunlight and water. The plants which are next to each other will also have to compete for space as they can’t move.
While there are many negative effects of having one plant near another, there are few positive effects too. For example, if there is a predator nearby, the plant that is alone will get eaten as there will not be any other plant, but out of the two plants that are next to each other, only one will get eaten; therefore, the other plant will benefit from the plant next to it. Even though there are few positive effects of having two plants near each other, there are many negatives effects which...

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