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Introduction Essay

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A theoretical framework could be elucidated as a structure that can support a theory for a research topic. It describes and introduces the theory by explaining the reasons for the existing research problem (Bauman, 2013). It follows that there is need to develop a theoretical framework for the upcoming research problem. What is the research problem under discussion? The tutelage of health care experts “has not kept pace” with the problem started by the swift demographic revolution, new diseases, variations in the health care delivery system, and changes in technology. These calls for the application of computerized simulations that will help students and practitioners remain proficient in topical procedures devoid of endangering patient safety. This paper develops a theoretical framework for the research topic under discussion by focusing on the ethical considerations and the framework for simulation.
Ethical Considerations
To begin with, simulation is a technique used to amplify and replace real practices with guided skills that replicate or evoke elements of the real world in an interactive style. Several ethical considerations can help in using computerized simulation. First is the principle of justice, which is the appropriate treatment regarding what is owed or due to persons. This is because the principle of justice requires educators to inquire whether iniquity in social justice could be minimized through simulation (Jeffries, n.d). Secondly, the principle of autonomy has to be addressed when using simulation as an evaluating, learning, and teaching strategy. This owes to the reality that the principle of autonomy results in better-educated students (with a more humanistic attitude towards patients). Next is the principle of beneficence, which is a moral duty to act for the benefit of others. This principle will help students that learn through computer simulation in avoiding the overuse of services.
Another ethical consideration is the principal of nonmaleficence. This principle advocates for the idea that health care providers are obligated not to inflict physical, financial, or emotional harm to patients. This raises a debate of whether simulation provides a reliable and valid method for evaluating learner’s competency. It also raises the debate of tutor’s ability to incorporate simulation into the assessment process. Another ethical consideration is the principle veracity. According to Jeffries (n.d), veracity is the unintentional misleading or deceiving of patients. This principle raises the inquiry of whether the idea of introducing simulation in healthcare education is a form of neglect. Furthermore, does simulation cause ethical distrust? Ultimately, the principle of compassion requires healthcare providers to be compassionate about patients’ well-being. Therefore, a question for consideration is whether educators and other healthcare providers demonstrate compassion by asking students to train using patients for the first...

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