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Introduction A timeline is used to show when events have happened in history. With the "Big Bang" theory, people believe that the universe was formed 15 billion years ago when a cosmic explosion hurled matter in all directions. The Earth is a young planet and humans are the youngest creatures on it. In this lab, we will put together a history timeline that maps out life on Earth beginning with the Big Bang 15 billion years ago to the dawn of humans and other animals.Hypothesis In doing this lab, I favor the impression of gradualism and I believe that is the way that life is started and ultimately improved. So, I expect that there is less life around the time closer to the Big Bang than there is in the time closer to the present day because life gets started from few things and then blossoms into many things. As we get closer to today, there will be more plants and animals and other forms of life.Materials and Methods The materials needed to perform this lab are a meter stick, three inch wide cash register tape, a dark marker, 38 cut out drawings of life up to 15 billion years ago, crayons, and glue. Measure out 15.5 meters of cash register tape and lay it out flat along the floor. Measure 25 centimeters from one end of the tape and mark that "Present Day" with the dark marker. Measure every 10 centimeters, which indicates 100 million years, and label it with a line. Do this until you reach the 5 meter mark; then change the markers to every 50 centimeters until you reach 15 billion years ago. Cut out and color the drawings and paste them on the correct accompanying date on the timeline. The last 1.5 meters of the timeline, nearing present day, gets kind of...

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